Two pre-press photostrip output process skills

Tip 1: How to make a four-color mesh on a film?

Using the “Partial Dispatch” feature in Feiteng typesetting system, the steps are as follows:

First of all, the color picture (usually small map, small logo) with the "layout" command to "page", and select it with the mouse, and then use the mouse to select "partial distribution" in the file, this time will pop up a dialogue The box "partially publishes", with the mouse click on the "OK" in the dialog box, then there will be an information box "is to replace the existing × ×  PS2 file", press ? B style = 'color: Black; background-color: # A0FFFF '> small disease es' can be, that is completed the picture of the distribution.

Secondly, select some of the PS2 files in the PSP distribution, and open the "select parameters" dialog box. Select B in the color bar; background-color: #A0FFFF'> MYK. Mode, then open the "Alignment Mark" dialog box, then you can select each parameter according to the output requirements, and press "OK" to exit. In this way, the PSP distribution system will automatically follow the order of "CMYK" according to the size of the picture. Arrange four pictures one by one on one layout.

The above techniques are limited to some business cards requiring a small color logo or a color business card to require four sheets of web. If a web page contains a 16-sheet film, this is wasteful. It not only raises the printing cost, but also outputs The cost has also increased.

Tip two: How to produce positive and negative characters on one film at the same time?

When the customer requests that the output of the negative film has little content and there are gaps in the layout of the positive anti-word, sometimes for the sake of the customer's benefit, I will put the two types of film together to output the same. The request. Because the positive film is used for the offset press, and the negative is used for the resin version, the opposite is true for the two types of film. However, the combination of the two is one thing. It is worth emphasizing that the content of the negative film must be reversed. The text is reversed. These can be done by using a drawing file, and then copying the image file into the file. In the Wyse system, fight in its spare position, and then all the contents of the positive film output so that it can be.

Source: Bison

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