Cutting machine cutter structure

The cutter structure of the paper cutter includes a cutter holder, and a linkage mechanism is arranged at the top of the cutter holder. Both ends of the linkage mechanism have all slots on one side, and the cutter is fixed in the slot, and its technical features The utility model is provided with a chamfered edge at the lower edge of the cutter handle, the cutting blade is fixed at the chamfered edge, and the cutter structure of the cutter can conveniently disassemble the cutting knife of the replacement cutter, thus effectively reducing the overall cost. No additional processing procedures are needed, and the design is simple and practical.

Safety is the most important point of outdoor swing and hanging chair, During the process of design, Sevenze`s swing sets has fully considered the perfect match of function and safety, selected elaborately and checked strictly each accessory. Our swing beds have experienced many physical tests to guarantee the safety, with easy assembly, fashionable outward and comfort use.


Swing Chair

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