Coperion Corporation Launches High Yield PVC Kneader

Coperion Corporation of the United States has implemented a major innovation in equipment after Buss Co. (one of the parent companies of Coperion) launched the PVC kneader for 20 years. The new product, Quantec, will be listed for the first time in the United States. It is said that the Qunatec production line is older than the old model. The output is 1 to 2 times higher and the cost is 30% lower.
Quantec is characterized by a particularly large conical feeding area and feed port, without the need for costly forced feeders. The processing area adds 1/4 row of screw grooves and kneading bars, and the screw grooves overlap each other to extend the material through the route. Reducing backflow, thereby increasing delivery capacity and reducing waste while driving. Coperia Corporation will display its prototype at the NPE in June 2003 as the Quantec 50 model with a design capacity of 408 kg/h (900 lbs/hr), a barrel diameter of 500 mm, and a length-to-diameter ratio (L/ D) is 1:1, and the length and diameter ratio of the discharge extruder is 6:1. The company is also currently developing a larger aspect ratio Quantec kneader with a length-to-diameter ratio of up to 14:1. In addition, the development product has a barrel exhaust outlet for calendering.

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