Roland R500

Manroland's new R500 sets new standards for four-up format presses.
It adopts a brand-new printing concept that has exceeded the development stage (existing equipment/techniques, reaching the current level of technology).
This two to eight color group plus optical unit structure includes a complete configuration such as automatic plate (PPL) (standard configuration), blanket cleaning device (standard configuration), impression cylinder cleaning device, ink supply unit temperature control Device, air compressor cabinet (standard configuration), automatic dusting (standard configuration) plus powder suction, static electricity removal device and drying device. This configuration makes it the best choice to complete the most demanding print jobs.
1. Roller geometry to ensure board printing capacity The R500 press is best at board printing, printing materials up to 1mm. "Flat" drum geometry - double-diameter impression cylinders, transfer drums, flat pick-up claws, flat pick-up chains and optimized transfer in front of the take-up section ensure the thickness of printable material.
2. Maximum sheet size R500 is the largest sheet size in the same model: 590 × 740mm - the so-called US format, the drum geometry (plate cylinder, impression cylinder position) is the best, so even the largest length The paper is also completely printed before it is transferred to the transfer unit to enter the next printing unit.
3. Maximum printing speed is the guarantee of productivity The R500 is also the fastest press in its class, with a maximum printing speed of 18,000 copies/hour. In the entire paper feed area - the catch jaws, roller claws and the entire delivery area - the suction wheel, jaws, and sample collection devices were uniquely designed to achieve such a high print speed.
4. Print quality The newly designed ink supply and dampening ensure the highest printing quality - the entire roll geometry and the optimization of the roller bearings, innovative ink separation ideas; DELTA effect; string water bucket roller; water roller and metering roller The inter-angle angle; the technical performance of the bridge roller and the tandem rollers (separable) make the quality of the printing in the trial printing reach an unprecedented level.
5. Highly automated preparation time - reflected in fully automatic sheet size settings (inlet, edge, suction wheel, jaw) and stack height adjustment (guide cover, rubber roller) - Ensure the shortest preparation time when converting jobs.
The circumferential registration of the plate cylinder and the diagonal registration of the axial register feeder (also used for the coating machine) are controlled centrally from the PECOM.
Through the use of a mature and further optimized automatic plate system (PPL) (standard configuration), the plate change time is minimized. Along with other ink supply and dampening process control functions, the time taken for the entire print to print sheet to be sent out is greatly reduced, and paper waste at this stage is also greatly reduced.
6. Operate the new R500 operating concept: People-oriented. Clear division of operational functions. The operation help information can be called up via the display. The entire panel logo was updated, and the PECOM Printing Center uses a large number of graphic symbols to make the modern operator interface equally friendly.
The zero setting of the ink spoon is completely automatic. This advantage makes the operation easier. Guaranteeing the optimal ink setting is also a prerequisite for precise operation of the ink supply and dampening unit, thus ensuring high printing quality.
The generous space between the printing units makes it easy for the operator to move.
The independence of the cleaning device allows the monitoring to be done at a glance and the drum cleaning is fast and efficient.
Another important standard configuration is the automated feeder pile side edge alinmnet. Relying on its attractive modern design, the appearance and function of the R500 complement each other.

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