Gansu Liaoyuan's largest home store will rise to Yantan

On August 28th, the leaders of the CPPCC and more than 70 CPPCC members visited Haihong·Guran House to visit and guide. In the sales center of Haihong·Suran House, the committee members visited the project sand table and learned about the project profile. Then, accompanied by Yang Zinc, the general manager of Lanzhou District, the members of the family visited the construction site to build the project. The situation was investigated on the ground.

The Haihong·Juran Home Project is a large-scale urban complex covering a variety of formats including Hometown, 5A Grade A Office, SOHO Apartment, LOFT Office, Brand Shopping Plaza, Pedestrian Street, Underground Supermarket and Commercial Plaza. It integrates leisure center, business center, cultural center and commercial center into one, and joins the top-level brands to create an international commercial district and build a land-level commercial building community in Lanzhou.

Thanks to its strong brand influence and forward-looking advantages of the products, Haihong·The Real Home Project has been well received by consumers since its launch. At present, LOFT office buildings are basically subscribed for, and SOHO products are also sold for most of them, indicating that many buyers are very optimistic about the appreciation potential of the project. Haihong·Guran Home will incite a “commercial gold mine” for those who are interested in investing in wealth creation, and will play a strong role in the economic development of Yantan and even the entire city. Many commercial complexes in Yantan The investment prospects of this project are quite promising.

Haihong·Home is speeding up construction and is expected to officially open in October. As the most popular complex project for investors, Haihong·Home is the focus of all parties. During the inspection, the members expressed their keen interest in the 110,000 square meters Gansu largest home store in Haihong. After the opening of the store, consumers will be able to experience the unique brand stores of many homes, and the overall level of the Lanzhou home building materials industry will be further enhanced. At the same time, the store will provide thousands of jobs, and the annual tax revenue will be 100 million yuan. To promote the upgrading of the urban complex of the Yantan plate, accelerate the formation of the commercial center in Yantan, meet the needs of the masses, and improve the consumption level. It has a huge impact.

After the opening of the home store, other products of Haihong·Home will be put into use and operation one after another. As the leader of the home building materials industry and the leader of commercial real estate, the overall operation of the Haihong·Home Project is on the beach. Even the entire city's driving role will be fully exerted, forming a large-scale commercial circle with perfect functions. By then, the new business landscape of Lanzhou Chengdong will be formed, and the commercial advantage will be further highlighted.

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