Deli shower room pictures

Deli shower room is synonymous with high-end shower room, and is recognized as the "king of non-standard" in the shower room industry. Deli shower room is also known as "aesthetic shower room". Let's enjoy the pictures of Deli shower room with the editor Right.

Deli shower room pictures

Deli shower room

Deli shower room pictures

Luxurious impression design concept : This bathroom space adopts the design of super large space concept, organically integrates the dry steam room and the shower room; adopts tempered laminated safety glass to ensure your bathing safety; the large U-shaped double-position shower space shows the luxurious atmosphere.

Deli shower room pictures

The design concept of the top of Athens : this bathroom space uses the industry's unique curved laminated glass, which is beautiful and elegant in appearance, simple and not simple; the use of glass partition walls makes the whole bathroom transparent and bright, full of modern life.

Deli shower room pictures

Yidong space design concept : this bathroom space adopts bathtub connected non-standard custom technology to make the shower room and bathtub perfect combination, so that leisure life and fast-paced life are integrated, there is Zhang Youchi, showing the beauty of harmony; L-shaped shower room The design can reasonably use the limited space; the use of large tempered laminated safety glass allows you to bath as you like.

Deli shower room pictures

Romantic full house design concept : This bathroom space is designed based on the removal of the original bathroom wall; the use of glass partitions makes the entire bathroom transparent and full of life.

Deli shower room pictures

Spirituality domain design concept : This bathroom space has a dual-purpose way to perfectly solve user needs and save space, easy to use. The movable door can not only ensure the wet and dry separation of the shower area, but also ensure the normal use of the users in the hand washing area and separate the toilet from the living room.

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