Office beauty super effective sedentary thin waist method


“Sitting like a clock” is a major feature of modern office workers . Because of work reasons, sitting for at least 8 hours a day, unconsciously , a big belly is grown, which affects both beauty and health. In fact, small series also introduced to the business owners a lot of office fitness method, the effect is not bad, but because in the end you have not insist on doing today recommended ultra-thin waist sedentary effective method for you, be sure to insist on doing so You stay away from the bucket waist for a lifetime , insisting that you become more attractive .

     1. Put your hands on the abdomen two or three times during the day.

     Abdomen when aspirating, abdomen muscles hold up when exhaling, do 10 to 15 times in a row

     2, adhere to abdominal massage every day

     Take the standing position or the lying position, hold the palm of your hand close to the abdomen, massage in a clockwise direction for 15 minutes, once a day, be sure to persevere.

     3, during the day you must always think about the habit of abdomen

     When sitting, you should straighten your back so that your abdominal muscles can better perform their functions. Pay attention to your sitting posture, standing posture and walking posture. Keep your chest and abdomen. Never relax your abdominal muscles. Maybe you will feel uncomfortable in the early days, but after a week, you will see the effect.

     4, slippery heel can easily abdomen

     Lying on the bed, the feet and knees are slightly separated, hands on the abdomen, palm roots attached to the upper edge of the pelvis. Tightening the abdomen, using your fingers to feel the abdominal muscles are tense, then the legs are stretched completely until the legs are bent less than 90 degrees. Keep the heel sliding on the bed while keeping the heel. Once you feel the pelvis shaking, return your leg to the straightened position. After fully grasping the action, you can place your arms on both sides of the body to do the action.

     This action can effectively exercise the deep muscles of the lower abdomen and play a good role in abdomen. Generally, take 20 to 30 breaks for about one minute, and practice 3-4 groups repeatedly. If you feel that this action is very simple, you can lift the heel off the ground and do the practice of supine and leg raising.

     5. Yoga stretching exercises

     Separate the legs to the maximum extent, stretch the thigh veins, put your hands on the thighs, and inhale and abdomen. Extend one arm above the top of your head. The upper body is tilted to the opposite side of the arm to 90 degrees, and the other arm can be placed behind the thigh, and both sides take turns to perform the stretching action.

     6, abdominal muscle movement

     Exhaling when lifting your shoulders can lower the body's air pressure, allowing the abdominal muscles to fully participate in the exercise - the abdominal muscles are responsible for the movement of the abdomen; to maintain the best posture, the slouchy forward tilt will make your abdomen more prominent, and the good manner is A panacea for flat stomach.

     7, standing for a long time

     (for example, by bus) consciously absorbs the abdominal muscles, so that the fat in the abdomen moves, the long-term persistence, and the abdomen becomes flat.

     8, before going to bed waist exercise

     a, hands support the ground, the body is straight and flat

     b, support the body with both arms, so that the upper body and the ground maintain 50 degrees

     c, the head should lean back as much as possible, keep this action for 10 seconds

     9, reasonable arrangements for diet

     Breakfast and lunch can be eaten as appropriate to prevent excess calories from being converted into fat and to try to eat less salty foods.

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