Customized wardrobe is not simple, Xiaomei teaches you four custom "good kungfu"

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Yesterday, eleven, many online shopping families are riveting "shopping", and many consumers are eager to move, want to customize the wardrobe online, although the custom wardrobe is not a new thing, but the custom wardrobe is also A fine work.

Xiaomei advises everyone that custom wardrobes are not simple. Customized wardrobes require real-world work, multiple styles of design and material selection, and complex pricing methods. It is destined to face many complex problems in the 3-4 week production cycle. If you want to customize the wardrobe, you must first practice the "good kungfu" that can be solved.

Custom wardrobe

Below Xiaomei teaches you four tricks to customize "good kungfu". What tricks can improve the efficiency of customization?

The first measure: wardrobe style and overall coordination

The style design of the home is now universal, and different furniture combinations need to be around the space theme, so the design of the wardrobe is no exception. In the process of communicating with the designer, the style design and color matching of the original space are important factors influencing the design of the wardrobe.

Merlot Wardrobe

The second measure: the wardrobe that can be scaled

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The wardrobe that can be scaled, as the name suggests, is the ability to "scale" the wardrobe according to your needs. Simply add a row of small round holes on both sides of the cabinet. By placing screws on the small round holes and placing the shelf, you can adjust the size and layout of the wardrobe space.

The third measure: wardrobe gadgets

The wardrobe is just a door panel and a drawer? This is not the case. "The basic storage function of the wardrobe is either hanging or folding. According to the different living habits of the owners, you can choose a personalized design. "For example: home windbreaker, long skirts, then you can reserve a longer hanging space. If the hanging clothes are not long, you can make two layers of hanging area, or design the cabinet layer or drawer for folding the wardrobe under the hanging area.

Custom wardrobe

Need to store tie, underwear small items, you can increase the lattice frame; more pants can be used to accommodate the powerful pants rack; if you need to hang small objects you can add a layer of wishful hook; full-length mirror can be hidden through the guide rail to the corner of the closet, convenient use. In addition to the fixing of the basic pattern, it is also possible to add some storage boxes for seasonal items, store the clothes that are not commonly used, and ensure the cleanliness of the wardrobe space; appropriately increasing the drawer can also better plan the wardrobe and improve the space utilization.

The fourth measure: to solve the lack of light in the bedroom

In many small-sized bedrooms, a bed, a closet, and a dressing table are already full of space, if there is insufficient lighting in the bedroom. how to solve this problem?

1. One can use the trick, which not only saves space for opening the door, but also opens up a large area and is clear at a glance.

Merlot Wardrobe

Merlot White Door Wardrobe

2. It is also possible to install an LED light source inside the wardrobe. Although there are many custom-made wardrobe products on the market that have the "intelligent" light-on function of opening the door or the built-in LED light strip, etc., "it is best to use manual control, which can extend the life of the light, and also No waste of electricity."

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