Carbon dioxide incubator water jacket and air jacket type difference and structure detailed map

Shanghai Xinzhuang carbon dioxide incubator structure detailed map



●The inner liner is made of high quality stainless steel material, which is clean and bright and will never rust.

●Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, PID control, stable temperature control, high precision, LED high-brightness digital display, intuitive and clear.

●Double-layer door structure: After the outer door is opened, the temperature and humidity are not affected by the internal door observation studio experiment made of high-strength tempered glass.

●The CO2 concentration sensor adopts the imported infrared probe from Finland, which can directly display the CO2 concentration in the box and is reliable in operation.

● Independently set door heating system can effectively avoid the condensation on the inner door glass.

●The working chamber uses the water tray to naturally evaporate and humidify, and the humidity is directly displayed by the meter.

●The chamber is equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which can periodically disinfect the culture chamber to prevent contamination of the cells during cultivation.

Application areas:

The intelligent carbon dioxide incubator is used in a wide range of fields including cell biology, oncology, genetics, immunology, viral research cytology and genetic engineering research. It is an ideal device for modern medicine, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science research.

The difference between water jacket and air jacket:

The water jacketed incubator maintains a constant temperature by surrounding the internal tank with a separate hot water compartment. The hot water circulates through the natural convection in the tank, and the heat is transferred to the inside of the tank through the radiation to maintain a constant temperature. The unique water jacket design has the advantage that water is a good thermal insulation material, and when it is powered off, the water jacket system can more reliably maintain the temperature accuracy and stability in the incubator for a long time ( The time to maintain a constant temperature is 4-5 times that of a gas-tight system).

If your experimental environment is not stable (such as power restrictions, or frequent power outages) and you need to maintain stable culture conditions for a long time, then the water jacketed carbon dioxide incubator is your best choice.

In addition, the air-sleeve design is simpler for the user than the water jacket type (water jacket type requires watering, emptying and cleaning of the water tank, and often monitoring the operation of the water tank).

The gas-sleeve heating system directly heats the gas in the tank through a heater in the tank. The gas-sleeve design quickly restores temperature stability in the tank when the temperature caused by frequent switching of the door is frequently changed. Therefore, compared with the water jacket type, the air jacket type has the characteristics of quick heating and rapid recovery of the temperature than the water jacket type incubator, and is particularly advantageous for short-term cultivation and cultivation requiring frequent switching of the door. When purchasing a gas-filled incubator, it should be noted that in order not to affect the culture, the incubator should also have a fan to ensure the circulation and circulation of air in the tank. This device also contributes to the temperature, CO2 and relative humidity inside the tank. Rapid recovery.

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