TA_flash DSC_ comprehensive introduction

Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC is the most important analytical method in thermal analysis. The DSC measures the relationship between the heat flow into and out of the sample and temperature or time so that physical and chemical reactions can be quantitatively measured. The Flash DSC is an innovative fast-scanning calorimeter that analyzes structural reorganization processes that were previously unmeasurable. Flash DSC and conventional DSC are ideal complementary tools with a heating rate of up to 7 orders of magnitude.

Material: High strength alloy

Color: Blue

Size: L(1.34)M*W(0.75)M*H(1.5)M


1.The product is made of high strength alloy.

2.The product has anti-corrosion and never rust characteristics;

3.The product material strength is high, but the quality is light, more convenient for transportation, handling and installation;

4.The product adopts the package type design, the packing is compact, saves the space, is convenient to store, transport and disassemble;

5.The product adopts the design of 6-inch roller, which is convenient to move, large contact surface with the site and greatly reduces damage to the site.

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