Who can't sleep on the sofa bed often?

In recent years, the sofa bed has gradually entered the family life of people. It has soft texture, gorgeous shape, and comfortable sleeping. It is deeply loved by the masses. With a sofa bed, it can be used not only as a sofa, but also as a bed. The function can be said to be larger than the bed, which saves space.

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Usually, the multi-functional sofa bed can be placed in the living room or study room to function as a seat; on the evening of the guests, the multi-functional sofa bed is spread out, and the bedding is a bed. In the ordinary three-bedroom and two-bedroom units, the multi-functional sofa bed can also be used outside the guest bed to help the owner to cope with occasional visits from multiple guests.

But not everyone is suitable to sleep on the sofa bed, the following people are not suitable for sleeping on the sofa bed.

1. Adolescents in the growth stage.

Their bodies are not yet mature, the inorganic salts in the bones are less, and the organic matter such as bone glue and bone mucin is more abundant. Compared with adults, bones are softer and more malleable. Therefore, sleeping on a sofa bed for a long time is likely to cause bone deformation. According to foreign experts' experiments, more than 60% of the teenagers who sleep on the sofa bed for a long time suffer from spinal deformity, while those who sleep on wooden planks for a long time account for only 5% or less.

2. People with coronary heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, valvular heart disease and certain congenital heart diseases.

This type of person generally has the possibility of sudden cardiac arrest. In the unlikely event of this, a chest heart massage should be performed immediately and an emergency rescue on the spot. If they sleep on a sofa bed, it will affect the rescue effect, and even delay the beginning of the heart massage.

3. People with lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation.

It is best for such people not to sleep on the sofa bed. Because the sofa bed is very elastic, it will sink the muscles full of parts due to gravity after sleeping, thus destroying the normal gravity relationship of the human body and making the waist muscles tense. This is obviously extremely unfavorable for the recovery of the waist disease.

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