Korani Fidiya wardrobe is dedicated to men's heavy and steady

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Customized wardrobe is the so-called " integrated wardrobe ", which means a wardrobe that can be customized according to individual requirements. The biggest advantage of the custom closet is that it can make full use of the effective space and make the design more human. It can be arbitrarily designed according to the needs of the subscribers, or there are many drawers, or multiple partitions, and it is also possible to add a basket of any size in advance, which makes it more versatile and arbitrarily. Today, the product evaluation reviewer will introduce you to the Korani Fidiya wardrobe. What is its appearance and quality?

First, the appearance evaluation:

Korani wardrobe

This wardrobe is suitable for mature, high-quality men.

I first saw this wardrobe, giving a feeling of heavy and calm. This ebony double-finished wardrobe is designed for mature and stable men. It is a masculine wardrobe. Korani's custom-made wardrobe is made of imported German environmentally-friendly ebony double finish. The color and grain are atmospheric. The black and white lines in the black sandalwood pattern are clearly visible. The black and white are integrated with each other, which is natural and reasonable. The surface of the board is more bumpy and feels. The overall feeling looks simple and natural, and the texture is smooth and has a three-dimensional effect.

Wardrobe function layout

On-site measurement of sheet thickness is 25mm

Edit Comment: This wardrobe is based on the style of European and American manor, suitable for mature and stable high-quality men. Young people who admire the modern and fashionable atmosphere may have a dull feeling. In addition, the color of this wardrobe has a certain selectivity for the decoration style, and there are certain limitations for other indoor furniture combinations. Therefore, when consumers buy wardrobes, they should also choose their own overall decoration style.

Wardrobe hardware accessories

On-site measurement of wardrobe height

The colors include eucalyptus, cherry, maple, maple, oak, black walnut, white pine and so on. A strong manufacturer can provide nearly 20 wood grain colors. Individual manufacturers have also introduced a new type of plate with "one plate and two colors", similar to the "color shell free change" function of fashion mobile phones.

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