Skincare homework in the gym

You can't be lazy, so what face problems do you have to take care of when you go to the gym?
Skincare homework in the gym

1. Be sure to bring a cleansing cream with MINI, because when we do a lot of exercise in the gym, the body will sweat a lot. If there is makeup on the face, it will easily clog the pores. If you do not clean your face in time, sweat and oil will easily cause acne when mixed for a long time.

2.MINI cream must not be less, if you don't moisturize after cleaning your face, even if you plan to go home directly after exercise, it will cause serious water shortage in your face, even if the sport brings you good color. can not tell.

3. Sunscreen is also a must-have skin care step. If you know that UV rays are everywhere in your life, even if you just walked from the gym to your home for 10 minutes, you may get burned by the sun.

4. It is also necessary to replenish the body in time. The skin on our body is drier and drier than the face. Even if you simply rinse it a few times, it will take away the moisture on the surface of the body. If it is not added in time, It can cause dry and itchy skin, which can be especially uncomfortable in winter. >>>Details determine skin care from scratch

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