How to distinguish the good and bad of the sofa fabric

Generally speaking, the thin fabric of the printed pattern is cheap because of the simple process; while the pattern and the like are woven, it is thicker and higher.

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Fabric sofa cover

Be sure to check carefully for ease of disassembly for future cleaning in use.

From a design perspective, smart designers know that for modern people who are looking for quality and detail, what matters is not what furniture to buy, but what kind of lifestyle and home style they can find.

When you purchase, carefully observe the pattern of the fabric. The pattern woven by different latitude and longitude lines has a three-dimensional effect, which is not as smooth as a printed fabric. In addition, the fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool are higher than those of ordinary rayon.

The fabric of the leather sofa is quite different due to the difference of the leather. The modern industry can cut the thick cowhide in multiple layers, so there is a layer of skin, two layers of skin and even multiple layers of skin.

A layer of skin is the outermost layer. This layer of leather has good toughness and elasticity. After being made into a sofa, it is not easy to be broken after repeated pressure. It is a high-grade fabric. You can see the top layer with a special magnifying glass. The pores of the second layer of skin are the remaining skin of the lopsided layer. The surface tension and toughness of the second layer of skin are not as good as that of the top layer. The long-term use of the fabric of the surface paint film sofa will affect the overall effect and price of the sofa. Therefore, it needs to be carefully selected, of course, the filling can not be ignored.

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The method of distinguishing the two layers of skin:

1. The first layer of skin can be seen through the magnifying glass.

2, pinch the skin by hand, feel soft, elastic is mostly the top layer

In addition, it is made of large pieces of leather, or is spliced ​​by small pieces of leather, which is also an aspect that affects the grade.

Sofa foot

Some sofa feet are made of wood, some are metal, and some are pulleys. This detail should be checked carefully. Mainly to be strong, the feet are not stable, the sofa will not be comfortable to sit up.


Nowadays, European-style sofas adopt the structure of frame and cushion. In order to present some special design feelings, some designs will deliberately expose a part of the frame, such as exposing shiny metal, and talking with leather materials to create a wild and unrestrained effect. . Then the partially exposed frame should be checked clearly.

Intimate tips:

The inner quality of the sofa is also a circle that cannot be ignored. When a general purchaser buys a sofa, if it is only sitting and sitting, it is difficult to judge the pros and cons of the sofa. The only way is to take a look inside. For some sofas that are not all-inclusive, you can turn over and observe the quality of the springs, plates and sponges used to judge the quality of the sofa. A good sofa, the internal spring requires anti-rust treatment, the wood used requires planing, no scars, etc.

In addition, a good furniture brand has been hard to exchange for many years. Brand-name furniture combines good after-sales service, reliable quality, and fine workmanship, so the price is higher. If it is imported furniture, customs duties, freight charges, etc., the price will be greatly improved.

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