Cleansing cleaner is more important than maintenance

Every day I bring a beautiful makeup to the door, but when I go home, I have to remove makeup. Cleansing is absolutely essential in daily life.

Cleansing cleaner is more important than maintenance

Find the right product

Make-up remover products can be roughly divided into cleansing oil, makeup remover gel, cleansing milk, makeup remover and other major categories, there is not much definition of skin quality. In terms of cleaning effect, cleansing oil is more suitable for heavy makeup, light makeup can choose makeup remover or make-up remover, and eye and lip make-up remover is more targeted.

Method that cannot be ignored

Should I use my hands to massage or use a cotton pad? How long does it take to be suitable? Why do you always feel unloaded? For these questions, the manual will provide the most professional help, reading the instructions is like finding an expert.

Cleansing cleaner is more important than maintenance

Maintenance after makeup removal

Make-up remover products often contain more oil, which may remain on the skin if not completely emulsified. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean with a large amount of water. At the same time, you can't stop doing other care because you feel the oil layer on your face. Remover is just the most basic step in skin care. >>> How to remedy the emergency before marriage?

Who Said Whiteboards Only White?

Everyone has different preferences for color.Who Said Whiteboards Only White? Look at our colored whiteboard, make living difference â€“ Jot a note, write a poem, sketch a masterpiece or bring a burst of color to a space just as wallpaper. Don't say that the whiteboards has only one color in the future.

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Colored Chalkboard

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