Skin care details: cotton pads can also hurt the skin

Speaking of cotton pads, you must feel that you have nothing to do, it varies from person to person. Yes, "hands-on" and "using cotton" are the dialectical sides. There is no absolute right or wrong, but there are endless topics. Then there is nothing to say about "hand", but "cotton" is a university question.

Skin care details: cotton pads can also hurt the skin

a large number of cotton pads

Whether it is pure cotton or fiber, it is thick or thin, and it is still printed with flowers. The cotton pad that can be used to care for the skin must be made of the highest safety grade of absorbent cotton and fiber cotton. However, some of the animal fibers are still used in the highest level of cotton pads.

Popular: pure cotton wool. Cotton is chemically degreased and absorbs liquid more easily than ordinary cotton. It is the thickest of all kinds of cotton pads, and some of them will be embossed to keep their texture tight and not loose;

The most pro-skin type: pure fiber cotton. It is made by special treatment of plant fiber or paper fiber, which is smoother and thinner than pure cotton wool, and also has better fit to the skin;

Two-in-one type: fiber cotton + cotton wool. It's not chemically mixed, it's just to combine the advantages of both. It is usually embossed on one or both sides and can be easily peeled off into thinner reuse.

Mini mask type: non-woven type. Like the mini version of the one-piece non-woven mask we usually use, it is soft and has minimal damage to the skin.

Exclusive high-end type: animal fiber. With organic wool as the main ingredient, the texture is softer and can only be used in toners, essences and lotions, but the price is slightly more expensive.

Skin care details: cotton pads can also hurt the skin

Different needs determine the choice of cotton pads

Cleaning and removing makeup: Pure fiber cotton should be selected because it is relatively hard and easy to pull the skin, but the makeup remover contains lubricating ingredients to reduce this friction.

For toner: The thickest pure cotton wool cotton pad should be chosen. Because the demand for lotion is more, the water absorption of the cotton pad is the highest, and the cotton pad that is too thin will leak.

For essences and lotions: a relatively thin, purely absorbent cotton pad can be used. Because the absorption and penetration of the essence and lotion itself are very good, the cotton pad is only an importing effect, too thick and waste.

For mask: pure fiber cotton or non-woven cotton, because the two are well adhered to the skin, can form a sealed environment to promote the absorption of mask nutrition, while preventing the mask from slipping.

For eye mask: the most suitable for the cotton pad without the edge. Because the curvature of the eyeball is large, it needs a tighter and softer fit, so whether it is pure cotton wool or pure fiber cotton, it can be torn to the thinnest.

Skin care details: cotton pads can also hurt the skin

In addition to meeting, it will be more important to use.

For example, in the case of applying toner, the use of cotton pads is different for different skin types.

Dry and sensitive skin: Avoid friction and beat the best. Wiping will stimulate sensitive skin and make the dry skin that is prone to wrinkles more rubbed. Only by using cotton pads, the lotion can penetrate into the pores of the skin, and the skin surface will remain fresh and moist. The method is to first soak the cotton pad to the toner, and then slowly press it on the whole face, then gently tap it, which will not only increase the burden on the skin, but also enable the toner to deeply nourish into the inner layer of the skin.

Oily and combination skin: Gently rub to help clean twice. For oil-prone areas, the role of toner is not just to add moisture. The method is to use a soaked cotton pad to carefully wipe the entire face first, and then focus on the rough and easy-to-exit parts around the nose and chin, so that not only can soften the hardened keratin, take away some residue, but also help to regulate skin. It should be noted that the action should be gentle, and the cotton pad must be completely wetted so as not to damage the skin due to friction. >>>Absolutely practical several kinds of skin rejuvenation

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