Fairy world twisted furniture

Dust Furniture made me walk into the world of fairy tales, as if the little things that lined up in Disney animation became reality. There is also a series of works in their Gallery. It is a very good topic to make a house and believe that it is a good topic after a meal~~ Let's enjoy it.

Concealer can be regarded as a kind of foundation. The difference is that the concealer has better covering power than ordinary foundation, and it fits the skin better, and it is not easy to take off makeup. Everyone's face will have all kinds of flaws. Using concealer can make your face smooth and detailed. There are usually three types of concealers: liquid, cream and strip.

Concealers that are too thin or too dense can make makeup look unnatural. Therefore, choose different concealers according to your skin type to make your skin appear healthy. The cream and strip concealer cover better, but the operation is more difficult; concealers with low covering power can make the makeup look natural because of its refreshing texture. Concealers are usually solid but have different viscosities. According to your needs, you can choose a large area or local product.

Concealers have many functions, such as covering acne marks, reducing pigmentation or local dullness, and reducing dark circles. Thin or dense concealers can make makeup look unnatural, so choose a color similar to your skin tone.
Start using small dots. Use a ring finger to apply a solid or emulsion mask directly to the face. For hard-to-reach areas, use a sponge or bevel brush to apply. Foam-type concealers usually leave streaks on the skin, so you should smooth them on the back of your hand and use a soft brush to evenly color the collar.

Facial Concealer

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