The acne war: How can we eliminate it?

After several efforts to make acne healing can only be regarded as the early victory of the acne war, so don't be too optimistic, acne marks are the most difficult challenge for acne muscle late care, because its stubbornness is no less than those old. smallpox.

The acne war: How can we eliminate it?

When the skin appears acne, a lot of malignant fatty acids and bacteria will accumulate in the hair follicles. These rubbish will make the skin inflamed when colluded with each other, and the sebum will not be removed smoothly. Then the capillaries will expand under the stimulation of bacteria and sebum, making the skin The appearance looks unusually red and swollen.

After the acne is healed, the damaged skin parts should begin to re-integrate and repair, and the “amnesom” cells cannot be sorted according to the original skin shape, and the skin stimulated by inflammation will also produce pigmentation, resulting in black, dark red or protrusions. The acne marks. Therefore, the types of acne marks are generally refined into pigmented, bloody, and scar-type.

The main components of whitening essence are some acid antioxidants and their derivatives, and also help some cell anti-inflammatory components such as tranexamic acid and keratin exfoliating components, whether it acts before melanin formation, reducing melanin or inhibiting Melanocytes proliferate, and the fundamental direction in which they work is melanin. Therefore, the general whitening essence products can only improve the pigmentation left by inflammation, and the pigmentation type acne marks have no effect on other types of acne marks.

Since blood-type acne marks are caused by the expansion of malignant fatty acid-derived sebocytes, the key to nursing is to restore the shape of blood vessels. Some ingredients similar to anti-red blood cells can be used to help strengthen the skin barrier and improve the health. The damaged stratum corneum changes the "abnormal" state of the blood vessels, promotes blood vessel retraction, and accelerates local blood circulation.

If the acne marks have been showing signs of unevenness, it is difficult to improve the external skin care products alone. It is recommended to use some retinol-derived acid topical drugs to calm the skin surface by stimulating collagen, and if necessary, you can use the medical beauty. The means of doing laser dot matrix projects, so that the sunken skin is re-supported from the inside. >>>Do oil-absorbent paper help the skin?

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