Hardcover room is heated to become the gold mining area of ​​the wardrobe industry

With the past ten seasons of the Golden Nine and Silver, the market share of hardcover houses in the real estate industry has soared. In the background of more sophisticated hardcover houses, the wardrobe industry is also welcoming the spring of development.

Solid wood wardrobes are favored

The wardrobe is the most frequently used product in family life, with complex technical parameters and many brand types. The environmental performance of the wardrobe has the greatest impact on the entire living environment of the home, so it is particularly valued by the developers. Solid wood wardrobes have received special attention in hardcover rooms.

Wardrobes are easily damaged during consumer use due to improper maintenance. The developer's fine decoration project requires the wardrobe to be environmentally friendly, stable, wear-resistant and heat-resistant. The state has strict requirements on the formaldehyde emission of solid wood wardrobes, and the products with excellent environmental performance and pollution-free products are favored by developers.

Wardrobe branding is the key

For large-scale wardrobe enterprises, we should focus on shaping the brand image and making the brand bigger and stronger. Because those companies that only used to make engineering orders, they usually cooperate with the decoration company and directly receive the engineering orders. They rarely see their agents and franchise stores in the market. If you want to better combine retail orders, you should also pay attention to the individual needs of consumers, and work hard on the setting of image stores, services at various stages, brand promotion, etc., so that their brands are recognized by consumers.

Conclusion: As a building material product widely known by consumers, the wardrobe has been recognized and accepted by consumers. The introduction of the fine decoration policy will inject new vitality into the wardrobe industry. In the hardcover room to the point of today, all wardrobe enterprises have begun to change marketing ideas, engineering companies want to receive retail orders in production idle, those retail companies want to receive engineering orders in the off-season. How to expand their market share is also the top priority of all major wardrobes.


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