What is the electrical installation and configuration of the xenon lamp aging test box?

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The xenon lamp aging test chamber is a sophisticated environmental testing instrument. Before use, it is necessary to prepare for safety. The power supply is very important. Please use the following method to distribute power. Pay attention to the power supply capacity. Do not use multiple devices at the same time. Power supply, in order to avoid pressure drop, affect the performance of the machine, or even cause a breakdown, please use a dedicated circuit.

1. The power line input line voltage is: 380V

2. Applicable wire diameter is: (within 10m cable length) 6mm2

3. Do not exceed ±5% of the rated voltage (the maximum allowable voltage is ±10%) when the power supply voltage changes.

4. If it is a three-phase power supply, please pay attention to the under-phase protection (if it is determined that the three-phase power supply has power and the unit does not operate, the xenon lamp aging test box may be in reverse phase, and only the adjacent two power lines can be exchanged with each other. ).

5. There is a grounding terminal at the rear of the machine. Please ground it. The grounding wire must be properly constructed. According to the technical guidelines for electrical equipment, the third grounding project should be conducted with a grounding resistance of 50Ω or less and a ground wire diameter of 4 m2.

6. If you connect the grounding wire to the water pipe, the water pipe must be a grounded metal pipe.

7. Do not connect the grounding cable to oil or gas pipes. ()

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