Thousand yuan daily salary is very attractive, mango network luxury cruise ship captain competition is intense Read full article >>

In recent years, cruise travel has become increasingly sought after by consumers, but its high prices have deterred many consumers. Currently, the "Thousand Yuan Daily Recruitment of a Luxury Cruise Ship Captain" event organized by provides a chance for consumers to experience the opportunities of a cruise ship to travel to Korea for free. Participants only need to "post the building" to have access to the mango. Exclusive chartered cruise for Costa Cruises. Once the event was launched, it attracted many netizens, and the competition for the "Captain Mango" was fierce. There are even netizens who don't hesitate to “sell out” and publish sexy pictures to win tickets.

Captain competition is fierce

The “Thousand Yuan Salary Captain” campaign triggered netizens seeking a ticket. Each one had a strange move. Netizen @ I also came to the creative declaration “Captain Mango must be sexy” to imitate @happy Zhang Jiang launched “Sexy Man PK Race” on Weibo. ", and @ mango travel network pull sponsorship, seeking mango net to provide 8.18 mango net charter cruise South Korea cruise ticket.

The netizen “SX said that I was building the forum, “selling” and asking for the “Thousand Yuan Salary Captain” campaign guide. In addition to willing to jump pole dancing, show sexy beautiful buttocks, even at the same time do not hesitate to free half bed ......

The secret of "818"

It is understood that has started the online sea election of the “Thousand Yuan Salary Captain” campaign from the beginning of July. All Internet users who have reached the age of 18 can log on to the event page by registering only the members of )participate. The winners of this event will have the opportunity to win a free cruise ticket for the Korean cruise ship worth CNY 6,988, as well as a "microbroadcast" of the 6-day luxury cruise Korea trip as the "Captain". Can be described as "famous for double income."

It is worth mentioning that the winning method of this event is not to preempt a certain pre-defined "floor", but to multiply it by "0.818 (departure date of the cruise ship) on August 18. ) "The number of winning floors is the number of winning floors (one rounded off after the decimal point). One "alternate skipper" who has participated in the activity said, "This approach has more technical content than the previous "play fast" gameplay, and requires more strategic adjustments to improve the odds of winning."

Since the active site is set within 10 minutes, the rules of the building cannot be repeated. It is not so easy to occupy a certain floor. By setting up the rules for drawing up proportionately, it is more fair and through calculations it is possible to know if they are likely to win, so many users have joined the team. The netizens who participated in the activity replied that the 818 raffle rule “makes winning the game easy, and it is easy for others not to win!”

“At present, thousands of daily salary captains activities have triggered the attention of tens of thousands of netizens and registered through websites, telephones, Weibo and other channels. This year is the first time that has organized this event, hoping to provide a free experience for traveling enthusiasts. The opportunity for a luxury sea trip attracts more people to pay attention to cruise travel.” According to the relevant person in charge of, to meet the diverse needs of cruise travel enthusiasts, has cooperated with a number of internationally renowned cruise companies and is now a song and poet. Cruises, Royal Caribbean International Cruises, Star Cruises, and more than a dozen of the world's top cruise company core agents, cruise lines more than a hundred. The cruise channel has become the leading product of Mango Group. Its unique new luxury travel experience integrating food, housing, transportation, entertainment, and shopping will bring visitors different exotic customs.

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