On designer's way of thinking and nutritional supplement

In recent years, what was the word "sweetness"? "Designer" But how many people can be called designers? Now we use the positioning method of advertising master Bernbach to set a bit for them! It can be divided into three phases:

First, the computer operator (understand a few design software, can skillfully move images or graphics, like "jigsaw workers")

Second, the designer (began to have a little sense of aesthetics and ideas, know how to learn from others good graphic design elements, into their own design works).

Third, the designer (aesthetic awareness of a certain height, in the work not only can absorb other people's advantages can also penetrate into their own creative elements (graphics) into the product so that it truly has its unique style and vitality.)

it is good! If you are already a designer, you often encounter the situation of "power off" and face the customer's project at a loss. There is no clue and no design ideas. If there are any of the above symptoms, we call it design thinking. "Nutrition" is bad. (I think every friend who works in one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional design work will encounter.)

why? That is, we have not integrated design into our lives. One design master said a word "Design originates from life." I think this sentence is very philosophical, and it is very significant and profound. Think about the outstanding works carefully, it does not stem from the author's careful observation and experience of life. Therefore, only people who really know how to live can become a good designer. Because I know how to live, I will deeply feel the details of life. Every detail is based on you constantly experiencing and observing. For example, if you go shopping normally, we will notice a lot of fashion elements just by paying a little attention to the streets. The atmosphere of the previous period is very popular with the traditional Chinese knots and silver of the Sui and Tang dynasties. White hair, natural rough army style decorations and more. If you happen to have a client who wants to design a DM for a Chinese restaurant, you can feel the "Chinese knot" element for the first time and use it. The effect will be much more!

The author has a customer who produces adjustable glass shutters. The customer is very clear about his products, from development to design. Many things were designed before, but they are not ideal. After I read their data, I found that all planes are Did not express the characteristics of the product and the distinctive place. So first go to their product showroom to find all products, whether it is Lazhu type or knob type, the biggest feature of the rotation function is to rely on a bearing at work, this bearing is to reflect the product originality and technology content, with a digital camera After being photographed and input into the computer, it was processed into abstract vector graphics and quoted. The entire layout immediately overflowed with original flavor, and the characteristics of the product were also expressed. The proposal customer immediately recognized it and achieved a win-win result.

Just now we talked about life and design. Now we come back to talk about the designer's mindset and inertial thinking. We often come across "very" customers who are always unacceptable and feel irritated. In fact, it is the mentality of unhealthy attitude and the design of inertial thinking. We are scorning our customers with professional knowledge based on superficial intellectual knowledge. This situation is very common and very bad. It hinders our communication with customers and makes us shortsighted and self-righteous. The customer may not know how to judge the quality of the plan and the work at all, but their scope of work and understanding of their product market are far broader and deeper than ours. (Customers who want to invest in and develop products do not have in-depth research. They do not However, we must first examine ourselves. We have a good understanding of the background of the human geography of our customers and product brands. We analyze whether the information provided by the customers is objective and whether the customers’ ideas and intentions are fully understood. On these foundations, "go to the essence, let go of the dross" to design!

Inertia thinking is a mistake often made by every designer. We have to face it. We have no choice. It brings us experience and efficiency, and it also brings us troubles. It makes our creative ability drop, thinking inertia, These two points are the greatest enemies of designers. For example, when designing a tape recorder product package, we generally use some elements such as science and technology, the universe, and sound waves to express. We can't think deeper, if we use the leisure home life graphics as an aid. Elements, certainly another style, not only reflect the functionality of the product but also convey the advantages of adding life fun. This requires us to constantly remind ourselves not to “walk the old road with new shoes”, constantly listen to other people’s opinions, and observe and experience life to absorb some new and new fashion elements. Only in this new design situation will we be able to come to terms with confidence and confidence. There is ink in it, and it will not think "power off."

Next, we will talk about the most critical factor in the success of successful designers - ideas.

A designer's ideological level determines his design level. Gao Yang's <<Red Top Merchant Hu Xueyan>> has this sentence: If you have the vision of a township, you can do a rural business, if you have a county vision, You can do business in a county. If you have the vision of the world, you may be doing business in the world. The inside view is also very suitable to measure the designer. If you have a first-class vision, you can do first-class design. If you have a second-rate vision, you can only do second-rate design. If you only have a third-rate vision, you can only The design of the third-rate is to be done. The level of vision depends on the height of thought. How can ideas be high? Apart from the viewpoints we talked about in the past, they also require designers to work outside the painting, that is to say designers in addition to the scope of their profession. In addition to constantly strengthening and supplementing "nutrition", we must also increase our exposure to knowledge that is not related to this specialty and cultivate it to become an internationally minded designer.

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