Polylactic acid non-woven fabric

Due to the development of microbial technology, there are already several biodegradable plastic varieties in the world. Polylactic acid is more and more popular among them. Since polylactic acid plants do not exhaust natural resources, nonwoven fabric manufacturers are increasingly interested in developing new products using this raw material. Various non-woven fabrics made of polylactic acid are biodegradable, and some blend polylactic acid with other natural fibers or rayon to make the final product biodegradable.
The decomposition ability of various non-woven fabrics made of polylactic acid can be divided into two types. Some materials can biodegrade or decompose after being discarded, while others can decompose naturally after processing. The former is commonly understood as biodegradable, that is, it is decomposed during the burying process after use, and the latter is mainly used in underground materials in the field of agriculture or civil engineering.
Currently, Japan's polylactic acid nonwoven fabric manufacturers are only Shintec and Unitika. Hot-stick, needle-punched non-woven fabrics produced using polylactic acid are more widely used.

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