Application and method of nail box technology

Under normal circumstances, carton companies combine molded carton according to the actual requirements of customers, and the requirements for combining are binding or bonding. The low-carbon flat wire is galvanized or copper-plated, and different types of flat wire are used according to the size of the carton. Adhesives are used for bonding, and different types of adhesives are used according to the different requirements of carton bonding. Most companies use white latex as the adhesive. Some companies now use corn starch to reduce production costs. Combining cartons, the effect is also better.

Cardboard preparation

According to the production notice, the paper preparation staff will go to the post-printed cardboard placement area or die cutting (cardboard placement area after crimping) to find the required cardboard; if the cardboard is not printed or die cutting (crimping) is in place, the paper preparation employee should go to printing Understand the situation at the die-cutting (crimping) location and report to the process leader in time so that the plan can be adjusted accordingly;

Receive the cardboard according to the production notice and check the product identification card, the specific content: product name or number, cardboard specifications, layout content. The first sampling inspection of the cardboard, including: cardboard size, die cutting or crimping size and method, cardboard color difference, printing color difference, warpage, quantity, damage, etc., if there are many, serious problems, please promptly report to the process leader Report and handle accordingly;

After checking the correctness, use a forklift to transport the cardboard to the machine. Before shipping, please check the height and regularity of the cardboard placed on the wooden frame. If it is too high or not neat, please ask the crew to cooperate. During the transportation process, avoid collision with other cardboards. The pusher is responsible for the stability of stacking; after being transported to the machine, it is stacked at the designated location.

Flat yarn

10 minutes before the unit's operation, the unit's staff will issue a picking list according to the production notice and pick it up from the warehouse. Check the label and quantity of the flat wire, and pay attention to the following common anomalies: whether the label and the coating are low-carbon flat wire with a coating, whether there are rust spots, delamination, cracks and other defects.

Note: If any of the above conditions occur during production, the crew should record anomalies and provide feedback to the superior.

The flat yarn to be used must be neatly placed in the prescribed area, and the number of reclaimed shall not exceed the dedicated area.

Commissioning settings

Put a piece of cardboard in the binding section, and the technician sets the binding pressure according to the thickness of the cardboard, and adjusts the width of the nail box support frame according to the length and thickness of the cardboard;

When the thickness of the cardboard is too thick, personnel should be arranged to properly thin the binding site so that the tissue will not be crushed when binding;

According to the requirements of the production notice, the box nails should be along the center line of the overlapping part and the deflection should not exceed 3mm.

The nail distance is uniform, the distance between the first and tail nails is 20mm above and below the line, the single nail distance is not greater than 55mm, and the double nail distance is not greater than 75mm.

The process leader and squad leader can each take a carton to conduct the first inspection of the product. When checking, put the carton under natural light. The main items to be noted are as follows:

The nails should be fastened and fixed thoroughly, and there should be no overlapping nails, missing nails, nail nails, broken nails, bent nails, no corners, etc .;

When stapling the box, the two pieces of box blanks should be aligned, and there should be no scissors mouth;

The folded box should be squared after folding. The difference between the two diagonals of the top surface of the carton with a combined size of less than or equal to 1000mm should not be greater than 3mm. The integrated deviation of the inner diameter of a single corrugated carton is not more than ± 2mm, and the double corrugated carton is not more than ± 4mm The difference between the two diagonals of the top surface of the carton with a size greater than 1000mm shall not be greater than 5mm. The comprehensive deviation of the inner diameter of a single-watt carton is not greater than ± 3mm, and the double-corrugated carton is not greater than ± 5mm.

The hole diameter of the box corner is not more than 4mm², and there must be no obvious wrap angle, and the outer swing cover should not be more than 2mm away from the seam or overlap.

The nail box shall not show the phenomenon of inverted nails, and the two pieces of box blanks with inconsistent faces, varieties and specifications shall not be mis-ordered together

Finally, after the first inspection is passed, the inspection shall be reported level by level.

The use of nail box equipment requires attention to safety, especially the use of ordinary nail box machines, especially the high-speed nail box surface of the hand and foot linkage, that is, the coordination of the hands, feet and eyes should be paid attention to, otherwise it is easy to hurt the hands.

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