Explanation of the construction plan of scientific inquiry laboratory

1. The significance of building a scientific inquiry laboratory

1. Building a scientific inquiry laboratory and carrying out scientific inquiry experiment teaching is an important guarantee for the renewal of scientific education concepts and the reform of new curriculum materials.

The new curriculum takes "scientific inquiry" as a breakthrough in changing the way students learn, emphasizing that scientific inquiry is an important learning activity. In order to bring about fundamental changes in students' learning methods and ensure the implementation of students' autonomous and exploratory learning, the new curriculum reform firstly adjusts the curriculum structure so that students' activity time and space can obtain a legal status in the curriculum. At the same time, the new curriculum standard guides students to discover and solve problems by changing the way the learning content is presented, making the learning process into an inquiry process in which students continue to ask and solve problems.

To carry out scientific inquiry activities, there must be a corresponding inquiry environment. Therefore, a scientific inquiry laboratory should be established and a scientific inquiry experimental environment should be created to meet the needs of students ’inquiry learning. Habits, thereby cultivating students' scientific inquiry ability, a scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts and a spirit of exploration that dare to innovate.

2. Building a scientific inquiry laboratory and carrying out scientific inquiry experiment teaching is an important part of implementing quality education.

Comprehensively promoting quality education, practical education and innovative education is an important mission of our schools at all levels. The new educational quality concept emphasizes the cultivation of students' practical ability, innovative awareness and innovative spirit, and emphasizes the coordinated development of knowledge, ability and quality. Building a scientific inquiry laboratory and carrying out scientific inquiry experiments are important ways to achieve this goal. To transform knowledge into ability, one must pass scientific inquiry experiments, and to transform knowledge into quality, one must also pass scientific inquiry experiments. Cultivating the spirit of innovation is inseparable from scientific inquiry experiments.

3. Build a scientific inquiry laboratory, carry out scientific inquiry experiment teaching, and adapt to new assessment methods.
Focus: The exam used to be, it is now, maybe in the future it will still be the focus of attention of a school and a family.

Question: The current evaluation and examination system for primary and secondary schools does not meet the requirements of comprehensively promoting quality education, which is reflected in the emphasis on the function of screening and selection, and the function of improvement and motivation; the emphasis on academic performance, the comprehensive development of students and individual differences; As a result, the process is ignored and the evaluation method is single; a sound evaluation system for teachers and schools has not yet been formed.

Hotspots: Examinations will be the hotspots of examinations, with experiments as the carrier and examination of scientific inquiry learning. In the examination papers of the national college entrance examination, the exploratory experimental examination questions already account for a certain proportion. Shanghai and many provinces and cities across the country have begun to implement new test methods for pilots.

Countermeasure: To construct a scientific inquiry laboratory and to carry out research on the method of exploratory experimental examination:
(1) Research on test methods for making conjectures (hypotheses) and designing inquiry plans (plans).
(2) Research on the examination method to deal with experimental facts.
(3) Research on the evaluation method of the exploratory experimental scheme.
(4) Research on the examination methods for comprehensive examination of students' understanding of the inquiry process.

4. Actively equip scientific inquiry laboratories to form the school's running characteristics

Curriculum and curriculum resources are the core of school education. The school's running characteristics depend to a great extent on the school's curriculum and curriculum resource characteristics, and the scientific inquiry laboratory is an important part of the new curriculum reform curriculum resources. Therefore, the establishment of scientific inquiry laboratories to form new characteristics of the school's curriculum resources, and then lay a good foundation for the formation of the school's running characteristics.

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