Deconstructing Watton Paper

The name of Watong paper is because the structure is similar to the tiles used in Chinese architecture, and the paper layer is through heart, so it is called Watong paper, and later it was translated into a cartoon board by the English Carton Board. But the most correct way is to use the "Corrugated Board" or pit paper.

Pit paper structure

The basic structure of the pit paper is a smooth kraft paper and wavy paper (collectively referred to as the paper core) laminated. In the past, the kraft paper content was mostly or completely wood pulp, which is about 200 to 250gsm thick. Strong, but due to environmental protection and cost factors, the wood pulp content in kraft paper has been reduced and mixed with waste paper in the past two or three decades . As for the paper core, it is entirely made from recycled paper, and its thickness has also been changed from 130 to 160 gsm in the past to 100 to 140 gsm.

Types of pits

The most important use of pit paper is outer packaging. Due to the development of printing technology, pit paper also has a variety of styles. Nowadays, it not only plays the role of outer packaging, but inner packaging or paper products also come in handy. Let's start with what appears to be the same, but it has different pit patterns. In the early stage of the pit pattern, there was only A shape, which had high supporting capacity, but more materials. Therefore, B and C shapes were developed under different requirements. The B-shaped corrugation has a narrow amplitude, a short wave, and a thin supporting force, but Use less material. The C-shaped pits are wider than the A-shaped but shorter than the B-shaped, so the C-shaped paper is thinner than the A- and B-shaped paper. E pits began to be popular more than ten years ago, and there were F pits a few years ago. In recent years, there has also been the appearance of G pits (the existing paper A, B, C, E, F, G, but there is no D pit), all because of packaging The box is not purely designed to protect the product, and it also plays a role in decoration and publicity. The difference between the pits E, F and G is that the pits are finer and more protective, but they do not feel rough. For some packaging boxes, it is possible to reduce the cost by mounting a gray card on the pit paper. For example, the fine pit pattern with a thinner gray card is not easy to show the pit pattern, which can reduce the cost. It is now more commonly seen on the packaging of high-end consumer products such as cosmetics and mobile phones.

Types of pit paper

As for what is a single pit, double pits and three pits, let's start with the basics:

The simplest is to see the pit, that is, a piece of kraft paper and a paper heart are laminated together. After the completion, the paper surface is kraft paper, and the pit pattern is clearly seen on the back of the paper. It is suitable for inner packaging, and is mostly used to separate single items or accessories. Although the shape is rough, it has low cost and high efficiency. For example, it is used to package light bulbs and glassware.

Single wall (Single Wall) is mostly 120gsm kraft paper for internal and external use. The paper core of about 105gsm is mounted in the middle. The paper core is usually B pit, which is suitable for general packaging boxes.

Double wall (Double Wall) as the name implies is that two layers of pit paper are added together, that is, the outermost two layers and the middle are kraft paper, and the second and fourth layers separated by a sandwich cake are paper cores. The heart usually uses different pit patterns, one layer uses C pits, and the other layer uses B pits. This also has benefits for cost and utility. Many cargo packages are also packed with double-pit paper for additional shipping purposes. As mentioned above, the thickness of the kraft paper and paper core is usually sufficient to cope with the general transportation conditions of modern social environment, such as air transportation or entering the container as a waterway. Transportation, etc.

As for the triple pit (Triple Wall), it is like a double pit. It is a combination of three layers of pit paper, that is, the outermost two layers and the third and fifth layers are kraft paper, and the second, fourth, and sixth layers are paper hearts. Kraft paper is mostly 120gsm, with 105gsm paper heart. It is suitable for very expensive, fragile or easy to dismantle items. However, the three-pit box is bulky, expensive, and has low flexibility. Some people use the double-pit box. When placing the goods, a double-pit paper is added to the top and bottom of the box to enhance the top force. Some people use two double pit boxes to wrap valuable and fragile items instead of three pit boxes.

Choose the pit box experience

When to consider using single-pit, double-pit or three-pit boxes, of course, safety is the most important consideration, followed by cost. The structure of the pit paper must withstand the requirements of Burst Strength, Supporting Strength, Ring Crush and Edge Wise Supporting Strength. Foreign companies often have a clear understanding of this aspect Requirements guidelines. The company making the pit box must first test the pit paper. If the paper meets the requirements, its cutting and box construction must also be tested. For example, straight pits are usually used, and each plane size on the carton should not be too large. Great. Generally, the upper limit of the weight supported by the pit box is 25 to 30kgs, and each plane area of ​​the carton should also be kept within a certain size. In addition, we must pay attention to whether the supporting force of the pit box under the humid environment can still cope with the fatigue, shock, lifting, heavy pressure, etc. of the boat. Due to the above reasons, it is not suitable for large numbers of pre-made and stored paper pit boxes. In addition, measuring the size of the guideline to order the pit box, in addition to cost-effective and easy packaging, it can also prevent the items from shaking in the box. If the goods are shaking during the delivery, it will generate unnecessary support. , Jacking force, etc. will greatly increase the load of the pit box, which is extremely dangerous. In foreign countries, paper physics (Paper Physcis), paper structure (Paper Engineering) and other courses are very common, but Hong Kong has not yet had such a specialized course.

The cost of the pit box is controlled, and freight is also an important part. The pit box has weight and area considerations in transportation. In addition to strong protection, it must also balance the burden of shipping. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to match the capacity (volume) of the container, and in some cases, it is necessary to cooperate with the restrictions of the air transport company. Nowadays, due to the variety of pit papers, changes in printing technology, processing coordination, and improvement in transportation, the inner and outer packaging can be combined into one. Some products can be placed directly on the shelves of supermarkets through one-time packaging, so this is both inner and outer packaging. In addition to protection and convenient transportation, it also needs to have a publicity and eye-catching role. 24 Packed into a box, the carton is printed with exquisite promotional graphics, which can be directly placed on the shelves of the supermarket, and can also be placed on the storefronts of bars and other nightclubs for promotional purposes. This approach is now very common and popular, because it not only reduces packaging costs, but also reduces labor costs, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection.
Pit paper is an important material for packaging and printing, and it has even become the best partner for high-end consumer products. In addition to the continuous improvement of paper structure, its printing technology and processing methods are also an important part.

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