Car model to buy a small "Tips": choose the brand to be safe

[ Chinese and foreign toy network February 3rd] A highly simulated model car can faithfully achieve the same movements and functions as real cars, turning and high-speed performance is comparable to real cars. Not underestimate the impact of car remote control mode, and play in the purchase process, should pay attention to safety. What problems should consumers pay attention to when purchasing car models? Chinese and foreign toy nets bring you a few "tips".

A. Select a brand

When choosing a car model, it is preferred to look at the brand of the car model . The market share of famous brands such as “Kyosho” from Japan, “Autoart” from Hong Kong, China, and Rastar from the mainland is more popular. Big, is the mainstream brand in the current model market, and the products have a good evaluation in the circle. Well-known car model manufacturers have maintained close cooperation with major car brands, ensuring that they will be authorized to make new models in the first time according to the original drawings.

B. Look at the appearance

The car model authorized by the original factory will strictly follow the original car shape data to make the scaled car model, and the appearance is the same as the original car. Unauthorized companies can only produce according to limited image data because they can't get physical raw data and original technical support. Such products just look alike, but as long as they are more detailed, they can often find the difference. . When selecting a car model, pay special attention to the overall shape of the car model and the similarity of the original car, especially the details, such as the headlights, the air intake grille, the A-pillar, the hub and the rear-view mirror. If there is a significant deviation, Explain that the quality of the car model is very poor and it is not recommended to buy.

C. Touch the paint surface

The paint surface of the car is like a human face. The high-quality car model brands, such as Jingshang, AUTOART Xinghui car models, etc., are all made by automatic painting production line using electrostatic adsorption technology. The paint surface is exactly the same as the real car paint. The surface paint film has uniform thickness, high gloss, no scratches and mottled colors, and it feels very smooth. On the contrary, if the paint surface of the car model is dull, scratches or impurities, uneven thickness, or even grainy or orange peel on the surface, the quality of the paint is very poor, and it is made by hand-painting by workers, and the quality is uneven. Consumers should pay attention to the purchase, as long as the car paint surface is examined under strong light, the bad product will be invisible.

D. Heavy security

There are a lot of remote control cars on the market. If you buy a simulation car model, please choose a simulation car model with the original authorization of the car manufacturer. For the safety of children, please choose to purchase from the regular channels such as supermarkets to prevent counterfeiting. Also pay attention to safety when playing, don't play in the road or in many places, and don't play in the grass, beach and puddle to avoid malfunction. Click to enter the home page of China and foreign toys

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