Several issues that are easy to ignore when printing documents before printing

1. Have you considered the original proofing of the document?

A black and white laser print or color proof of the final document should be delivered. If the document is to be passed to the printing service through a telephone line and a modem, it should be sure to fax the laser print proof or transmit the proof proof. Make sure the proofs are obtained from the same electronic file passed to the print service provider or printer.

If the page is too large to print the same original size as the actual size, be sure to mark the reduction ratio on the sample. Color prints should be printed on the laser printer with color separation proofs (in black and white). In addition to providing color proofs to printers, color separation proofs should also be provided, and each color separation proof must be properly color coded. And check the color separation sample separation is correct and color separation color number. If black and white composite proofs are provided, the parts printed in different colors should be clearly marked.

2. Whether all the colors have been converted from red, green and blue to yellow, green and black

If you don't convert your image to yellow, green, or black in your electronic file, the printed image may be a black and white image or there is an unacceptable color cast.

Keep in mind that all colors are named in the file, and the color of the image that is designed and introduced in the image processing program should also ensure that the exact same name is used.

Unless you plan to print small patches or common colors with spot-color inks, you should definitely use the yellow-black setting mode for all colors. As long as the entire page layout program allows, the small color area should also change the color mode.

3, whether marked the character used in India

The name, version, quantity, and font (TrueType or Postscript) of all the characters should be indicated. Make sure that you select the real character from the character menu (such as GaramondBold) instead of selecting a "bold" from the style menu. style. At the same time, you should consult prepress service providers or printers about the requirements for character files. In some RIPs, mutual interference between TrueType and Type1 Postscript characters can cause character substitution and string bits.

4, whether it can be printed when needed

It should be certain that all bleeding prints are extended to the edge of the page as required by the printer. It is very convenient to achieve image bleeding in the whole page layout program, but it is relatively time-consuming and expensive when printing.

5, whether marked all the matters needing attention

The name, address, and contact telephone number should be clearly stated on diskettes, portable media, printed proofs, and proofs. In short, all documents or media passed to print service providers or printers should be clearly marked. At the same time, you should send a print service provider or printer a list of all the documents or media you have delivered.

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