Home lighting business 5 strokes to deal with the sales season

Since the beginning of this year, under the control of a series of national real estate policies, the property market has been in a downturn, which has greatly affected the sales of overall home lighting. Faced with the sluggish lighting industry, before the arrival of the traditional “Golden September and Silver 10” peak season, all the overall home lighting companies also adjusted the marketing strategy of the peak season accordingly, and fought the battle of the peak season with the mentality of “seeking stability”. The winter of the lighting industry.

The season is coming later than ever.

Looking at the overall home lighting industry in 2011, we can easily find that this year's home lighting companies are quieter than ever. Affected by inflation, since last year, the rise in raw material prices, labor costs, and logistics costs has deeply plagued the development of enterprises. Some enterprises pointed out that this year, due to factors such as rising raw material prices, the production cost of enterprises has increased by two to 30%. On the other hand, due to the influence of upstream real estate regulation, the terminal lighting market in the home lighting industry is relatively flat, especially in the retail market. In order to get rid of the external and internal negative factors, this year's overall home lighting companies are relatively low-key and calm.

For the peak season, many overall home lighting company CEOs have a conservative attitude, and believe that due to the international currency situation and the fluctuation of the domestic property market, this year's peak season may be later than last year. Due to the large impact of this year's off-season, it has caused a big impact on the industry, and objectively it is also conducive to shuffling.

Five strokes in preparation for the peak season

For the home lighting industry, September is the beginning of the peak season, and the peak season will continue until the end of the year. According to industry sources, in these four or five months, companies generally complete about 70% of total sales. To this end, the sales of the peak season, to a large extent, will determine the performance of this year. In order to play a beautiful game in the peak season, many companies have already planned before this.

This year, affected by the upstream real estate, the entire lighting industry's terminal market performance is relatively flat. According to the staff of the station throughout the country, this year, the traffic volume of lighting stores across the country is less than that of the same period of the previous year. Many lighting stores have their own doors. Some merchants in the store also adopted a negative attitude. Faced with the cold current of the market, home lighting companies have to adjust their marketing strategies in a timely manner to boost morale.

According to Xiao Nan, marketing director of Johnson Electric (China) Co., Ltd., this year, Jonson Lighting's annual sales target still maintains a 30% growth rate. However, in response to the relatively cold market situation this year, the company has adjusted the evaluation criteria of salesmen and dealers to enhance the confidence of salesmen and dealers. For example, last year, dealers had to complete 80% of their annual sales tasks to get a rebate, and this year, dealers can get a rebate by completing 70% of their annual sales tasks. Through such adjustments, dealers and salesmen can work more motivated, mobilize their enthusiasm, and rebuild confidence in the market.

The product line of an enterprise is like a traffic lane. One product line is a one-way street, and multiple product lines are multi-lane roads. If the enterprise is driving on a multi-lane road, the road is wide and the vision is wider, which adds a new source of profit for the enterprise. In order to meet the arrival of the sales season in the second half of the year, many home lighting companies have been adjusting their product lines since the first half of the year, and have been launching new products before the peak season.

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