Remove the blackhead acne tips

There are black acne on the surface of the skin, which seems to be a long thorny "cactus". If you want to cover it with a foundation, it will be more prominent. Rescuing the "cactus muscle" can't be delayed, so that the acne will be out quickly and smoothly reproduced. Here to introduce to everyone is the physical acne removal method!

Remove the blackhead acne tips

Teach you to remove blackhead acne to rescue "cactus muscle"

"Cactus muscle" refers to the blackhead acne: due to the excessive secretion of sebum, with the keratosis of the hair follicles, the sebum is solidified, stuck in the pores, forming acne, and after exposure to the air, the oxidation becomes black. Blackheads are born in the T-shaped parts of the sebaceous glands, especially the nose, often covered with black sesame-like small bumps, which become deep-rooted "cactus".
NG! Extrusion by hand should not be squeezed by hand or pulled with nickel, which will cause large pores and even make the skin irritated and acne!
NG! Covering the thick concealer with concealer is easy to smother the hair follicle, so that the longer the acne is, the more it is recommended to choose a refreshing, natural foundation to reduce the problem of acne deterioration.
Physically plucked six characters:
Clear → boring → Apply → Receive → Run → Royal clear roadblock, sweep away old waste horny one, clear: clear roadblocks, remove old dead horny , wet hairy small nose special wash brush, add exfoliating scrub to face milk.
2. Mix and stir until turbid white foaming.
3, in the nose, nose and other old waste horny easy to accumulate, gently massage to remove dirt in a rounded way.
Second, stuffy: hot towel cover face, open the pores to slightly higher than the body temperature of the hot water soaked towel, covered in the T-shaped part, steamed open pores, can promote facial blood circulation.
Peel off the mask evenly, absorb the acne three, apply: peel off the mask evenly, absorb the acne 1, and evenly remove the mask on the acne skin, the thickness of the skin can not be seen as the standard.
2, down to the acne area of ​​the person, you can use the brush to help make the application more uniform.
3, wait for 20 minutes to dry, first pick up from the corner.
4, slowly toss from the bottom up, in one go.
Fourth, the collection: wet lotion, soothing heat skin after removing acne sensitive and easy to red, doctors recommend using a plant containing water such as calendula, calendula, chamomile and other wet compresses to calm the skin. At this time, the skin is fragile and sensitive, so be careful that the wet lotion should not contain alcohol to avoid secondary damage.
Moisturizing lotion, skin oil and water balance five, moist: moisturizing lotion, skin oil and water balance oily skin optional refreshing lotion, dry skin should choose moisturizing type moisturizing milk, avoid the weak skin that just pulled out the acne because it is too dry, but stimulate Sebum secretion is strong.
Sixth, Royal: the sun will be protected during the day, protect the weak muscles Doctors stressed that sensitive skin needs to resist UV damage; therefore, after removing acne, you should increase the sun protection factor to SPF50, and make a defensive action for fragile skin.

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