How to create pure smoky makeup

The first impression of smoky makeup is always dark circles, a little dirty feeling. However, if you can draw a clean and charming pure smoked smoky makeup, then it would be beautiful if you take into account the deep eyes and clean temperament.

Pure smoky makeup

Pure smoky makeup

Makeup points: The pure three-dimensional small smoked eye makeup makes the eyes look natural and natural, but not the exaggerated impression of smoke, even if you usually go to class, go to work or work, it is not awkward. Hide all the black in the roots, use the brown color to reduce the black block, so that the whole is deep and not scary.
Step 1. The eyelid base is finished with a golden eye shadow close to the skin tone, and the pale gold can brighten the eyes. Or you can use the coffee golden eyeshadow to cover the eyeliner and double eyelids to soften the eyeliner. And use your fingers to slightly color the color of the eyelids to the eye socket position.
Step 2, under the eyelids, the eyelids are colored with brown. Bottom with a brown eye shadow will make the effect of the black eyeliner more solid.
Step 3. Draw a black eyeliner on the outer eyeliner. Because the upper eye shadow is a low-key gold, and unlike the heavy smoky eye makeup, it is also necessary to use black eyeshadow to dye the upper eyelid, so the upper eyeliner can be painted a little thicker, so that when you open your eyes, the eyeliner will not Covered by the eyelids, but a little smoked effect.
Step 4. Deepen the eyelid color and apply a black eye shadow along the root of the lower eyelashes. The black-colored bright eye shadow is applied to the lower eyelash gap and the lower eyelid is applied, which is intended to be sharp and vivid.
Step 5, the end of the upper and lower eyes should also be filled with the end of the eye, with a thick eyebrow pencil coloring at the outer corner of the upper and lower eyelids, along the outer corner of the eye consciously long, the effect of the big eyes.
Step 6. Outline the inner eyeliner black eyeliner to strengthen the inner eyeliner. Lift the eyelids and carefully depict the inner eyeliner. The eyes look not only god but also a lot deeper! After simply applying the mascara, use the eyeliner to slightly strengthen the inner eyeliner, and pay attention to the eye.

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