Summer "hydrophilic" beauty makeup

On a hot summer day, everything is heating up as the climate changes. For the beautiful people, how can you let go of this season of glamorous value? In addition to the thin fashion shows a graceful figure; colorful nail polish jumps between the hands and feet, you must make a cool "hydrophilic" for yourself "Makeup to enhance your charm.

Moisturizing skin, moisturizing and non-greasy; soft blush, light and elegant without adhesion; translucent eye shadow, sleek and sleek; peach powder lips, full of no boundaries; clear eyeliner, clean and not blooming; curled eyelashes The roots are clear. Using these key points, you can create a "hydrophilic" beauty makeup.

Makeup steps:

Using a moisturizing but non-greasy foundation is the key to creating a hydrated skin

Of course, before using the foundation, it is indispensable to use the skin care products to fully absorb the skin. Many times, the beauty of the makeup, after a long time, the skin will feel a little dry under the influence of the external environment, this time you can use some spray on the makeup, it will directly add moisture to the skin to increase the moisturizing effect.

The best way to use the foundation in summer is to combine water and oil. Use a soaked sponge to fully absorb the foundation and then pat on the face. This makeup will look extraordinarily light.

Soft blush, peach powder lips

The creamy blush and the skin have a very close adhesion, so that the skin is red and white without the slightest attachment. In fact, a peach powder lipstick can be used as a creamy blush at the same time, which not only achieves a beautiful makeup effect, but also saves a small expense. Apply the lipstick of the creamy blush or peach powder to the back of the hand in a circular motion, then use the fingertips of the beauty finger (ring finger) to slap on the laughing muscles to make the smile more pleasant.

In terms of lip makeup, first cover the lip line and the original lip color with a foundation, apply the peach lip balm to the middle of the upper and lower lips, and then use the fingertip to smear the lip in the middle of the upper and lower lips. The lips on the border are so sweet that they have the urge to kiss.

Creamy eyeshadows slowly replace pink eye shadows

The creamy eye shadow has the same characteristics as all creamy products, and has a strong sense of conformity with the skin, and is light and thin. On the hydrated skin we have created before, we also use a fingertip to push a thin layer of eyeshadow, which will give the same texture as the skin. Choose a pink-pink eye shadow to coat the entire upper eyelid, including the position of the brow bone. .

It must be mentioned here that when applying the foundation, if you are a beautiful person with double eyelid fold lines, then the foundation only needs to be applied on the fold line, so that the eyeshadow can be directly attached to the fold line. On the top, avoid the appearance of foundation on the fold line.

Clear eyeliner, curled eyelashes

The lashes are exposed to the attention of the people, you need to exercise the technique of drawing the inner eyeliner, because in such a refreshing makeup, the inner eyeliner is very much needed. Pick up the eyelids and first wipe off the tears secreted by the lacrimal glands on the inner eyeliner (this step can make the eyeliner easy to color), then gently draw the eyeliner with a waterproof eyeliner. Repeat this step if necessary. The shorter eyelashes do not need to be segmented and clamped, only the roots can be clipped, so that the shorter short eyelashes will not be seen shorter, and the mascara using the comb brush head can easily create a distinct effect. If you are a single eyelid beauty eyeliner can be saved, you can add a few false eyelashes to help the eyelashes look thicker, this method is also suitable for people with thin eyelashes.

Well-known stylist: Zhang Yiyi

Known as a beautiful expert and fashion consultant by well-known portals. A famous artist stylist. National judges.

Tips :

In the "hydrophilic" beauty makeup, it is recommended that the original eyebrows with thicker eyebrows ignore the makeup of the eyebrows, but it is necessary to repair the eyebrow shape that suits them. It is natural to comb the eyebrows with transparent mascara. People with very thin eyebrows can choose to fill the vacancies with light gray or light brown eyebrow powder. Don't overweight the traces. Then use the corresponding color mascara to comb the eyebrows like combing the eyelashes and comb the well-defined lines. For example: gray eyebrow powder for black mascara, light brown eyebrow powder for brown mascara. Those who are conditionally concocted "hydrophilic" beauty makeup, move their hands.

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