The nose is big and the transformation is perfect for you.

In order to have a beautiful and beautiful nose , the beautiful women will not hesitate to go to the beauty salon to open the nose. In fact, you can easily create a perfect nose without enduring the pain of the knife. Here are some makeup tips to make your nose perfect. Very incomparable.

Small nose:

Apply light-colored eye shadow powder on the nose to make the nose and nose connect together to give a full feeling.

Operation method:

Use a skin color eye shadow close to the skin color and a small amount of white and yellow eyeshadow on the nose. The nose bridge does not have to be painted too wide or too bright, otherwise the nose will appear smaller.

Long nose:

A long nose tends to make the entire face look too long and not soft enough. When using nasal silhouette, it should be applied from the outer to the inner corner of the eye, choose a lighter color, and do not extend down to the nose.

Operation method:

Lowering the height of the brow can make the nose roots lower. When painting the eyebrows, add a few strokes to the brow, or apply a shadow similar to the color of the nose under the brow. The color of the nose is slightly lighter than the eye shadow, and does not extend to the nose.

Short nose:

A short nose is easy to give the impression of a short face. When using nasal silhouette, the nasal silhouette should be stained from the bottom to the eyebrow and down to the nose. Can cause a feeling of increased length of the nose.

Operation method:

Apply a deep color to the nasal silhouette, and apply a narrow strip of bright color to the nose to make the nose appear longer. In addition, when the eyebrow is raised, the brow is slightly lifted, and the nasal silhouette is applied from the tip of the eyebrow to the nose, which can produce the same effect.

Big nose:

The color depth is the key to adjusting the size of the nose. Apply a deeper skin tone to the nose, from the base of the nose to the nose, and apply it to the tip of the nose with a brighter color than the complexion. The dark color has a contraction feeling, which can visually give the nose a small effect.

Operation method:

Apply a slightly darker skin tone from the nose to the nose, apply a lighter color to the nose and nose, and do not apply too bright a bright color, otherwise it will make the front of the nose appear larger.

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