Skin problems stem from aging keratin

There are many skin problems in summer, from large pores to dark yellow, from dirt deposits to greasy and rough, in fact, many are caused by keratin problems.

As you age, your skin's metabolism slows down and accumulates on your skin, affecting your skin's normal breathing. The long-suppressed pores gradually accumulate dirt, which in turn aggravates the problem of malignant skin such as acne and acne; the aging keratin which cannot be cleaned up in time, the skin is smoky for a long time, the aging accelerates, fine lines and slacks arise. And those stubborn spots, give your face a color. In detail, so many skin problems are caused by aging keratin , and Jane has reached the realm of pervasiveness.

Wipe your skin mask

Many people think that it is enough to clean the skin and only need to wash your face and remove makeup every day. Actually, it is not. More of the skin's inner layer of dirt builds up with the aging keratin, and if it is not deeply cleaned, it has no effect at all. Some people often complain why they insist on washing their face every day, or can't overcome the smear; why have they chosen the best skin care products for themselves, but they have been slow to see the effect; why have they rushed before makeup? But still inevitably remove makeup. There is only one answer. In all your skin care and make-up products and your face, there is a mask of aging horny! It is this layer that makes a lot of your work become useless.

Don't forget to exfoliate the body

In addition to exfoliating your face, don't forget to exfoliate your body. Let us take a closer look, whether your own slim hand is surrounded by dead skin, no longer tender. Even if you don't forget to use a hand cream every day to care for it, still feel that something is missing, then you should exfoliate for both hands. The dead angle of the body always reveals helpless information. Even if you do a good job of whitening and rubbing the lotion, your knees, elbows, and back are still yellow and dirty. Have you ever thought about it, just need you to change a new face for it? Exfoliating is right.

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