How to prevent makeup from becoming more and more ugly

We often see such MMs around us. It’s still pretty and pretty, but after looking at makeup, it’s weird to look at it. I always feel that there is a problem on my face. In fact, the reason for this is because They all made small mistakes in make-up. Here are the tips for you. How can you prevent your makeup from becoming more and more ugly?

False makeup one: concealer becomes "ç‘•ç–µ"

Concealer is really an indispensable helper, and those troublesome cockroaches are all without a trace under the cover of concealer. However, if the concealer is used too much, or if it is applied too thickly in a certain part, it will be covered. Concealer can not be used as an ordinary cream or foundation, otherwise it will not only look very blunt and unnatural, but also block the pores of the skin and cause skin problems.

The correct way: choose a color that is close to the skin color.

If your skin tone is fairer, you can choose a light yellow concealer; if you have a lighter skin tone, then the peach concealer is a good choice. In addition, you should also consider the color of the resin and foundation you use, to cover the color difference between concealer and skin tone. When applying concealer, you can use your finger to point where the face needs to be covered, so that you can master the amount better than the brush.

False makeup 2: Applying foundation does not look "face"

Some women tend to apply the foundation to the entire face, and the color of the foundation is not perfectly blended with the original skin tone. This face is like a mask. The role of the foundation is to reconcile the complexion and not completely change the complexion. Therefore, do not blindly pursue the white or cover effect, but choose the foundation that suits your skin tone.

The correct approach: you must try before you buy a foundation.

When using the foundation, apply the foundation directly to the cheek or forehead, and then look in the mirror under natural light and light. If you can see the foundation floating in the mirror, it means that this foundation is not suitable for you; if you can't see the foundation at all, this is the best color for you.

False makeup three: eyebrow color does not match hair color

Boys will think that the mismatch between hair and eyebrows will give people a strange feeling. The color hair is changed in color, and the eyebrows are still spinning in place. This effect can only be described by “arguing”, and the first feeling for others is that you dyed your hair, not the color of your hair.

The correct approach: choose a color close.

For the first time, it is best to choose a color that is closer to the original hair color. At the same time, it is more harmonious with the color of your eyebrows and eyelashes, so as to minimize the chance of failure and give yourself a process of adaptation and habit.

False makeup four: firefly-like shiny makeup

Be aware that boys don't like girls' faces too shiny. The so-called "bright spot" is just to highlight a certain point, rather than let the whole person shine - after all, not Zhang Yihan, Britney, after all, not standing on the stage but just sitting at the desk. Nobody wants to be a "firefly", right?

The correct approach: less and bright is the focus.

Generally speaking, applying a small amount of glitter to the brow bone or cheekbone can make the cheeks look sharp and clear. If you apply glitter on your cheeks, you should choose a lipstick with a higher oil content, which is much better than matte lipstick; if you use eye shadow with glitter, the soft color of the rouge will bring out the eye shadow.

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