This summer's most age-reducing beauty is sweet and lovable.

Color mascara creates sweet eye makeup, pink lips are super Q bombs, colorful summers, pink flowers and green leaves, blue sky white clouds, all of them are pure and colorful colors, how can your makeup be monotonous and heavy ? Try adding colorful colors to your makeup. Today, you will look very different.


Color mascara

Colored mascara, do you dare not use it if you think about it? I once saw a very hot girl on the bus. The blue eyelashes flickered and exaggerated. It was acceptable to attend the evening party. It was scary when I came out during the day. Don't worry, as long as it matches the overall makeup, what is it? Pay attention to the color of the eye shadow.

Search for colorful special mascara

Smoothly apply each eyelash, from the root to the tip, for a sneak peek. It not only enhances the elasticity and toughness of the eyelashes, but also deeply nourishes the eyelash hair follicles, prevents the eyelashes from falling off, and naturally moisturizes, can double the eyelashes and make the eyelashes soft. The unique brush head can create curled eyelashes with a single brush.


Pink cheeks

How can you make a lot of rouge? A light pink rouge, showing young cheeks like 18 Fanghua, cute and young. Don't forget the powder to fix your makeup.

Floating dreams HD HD rouge / enamel blush (powder sweet peach)

The touch is like a soft and elastic moisturizing cream, and the epoch-making skin-friendly soft focus effect creates a skin-like and extremely natural, bright and pure makeup effect.


Eye shadow instead of eyeliner

The most important thing about the eyeliner is nature. Let the eyes look like God. Don't avoid thick black eyeliner, or you can choose the darkest eye shadow of the same color to make the eyeliner effect better.


The eyebrows are naturally similar to the hair color

Eyebrows, first draw with one eyebrow pencil, then brush with eyebrows, pay attention to the choice of color, close to the hair color.


Lip makeup should be clear and pink

If you feel that your lips are too dark, you can use the liquid foundation to cover the original lip color on your lips, then use the pink color lipstick, and apply lip gloss on the back of your lips.


The skin is so white and tender, the faint rouge brightens the cheeks, revealing the 18-year-old peach skin texture, the matte color eye shadow echoes the colorful mascara, the colorful and gorgeous, looks pink and age-reducing.

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