Hanlu Herbal Essence Mask

Hanlu Herbal Essence Facial Mask Fine Pore Monolithic

[Ingredients]: A variety of herbal extracts, deionized water, vitamin C, amino acids, collagen, etc. [Efficacy]: Contains a variety of herbal extracts, effectively and gently purify the skin, increase skin's luster and delicateness, quickly penetrate Replenishes the skin's nutrients and beauty ingredients, improves pores, and allows pores to no longer block ice shrinkage and make them more detailed.

The unique elastic stretch of flexible elastic fiber membrane can be freely stretched according to the contour of the individual to fully cover the face. The close fit makes every inch of the skin absorb enough nutrients, and the skin effect is doubled. Design, more docile, free activities do not slip, easy to enjoy private personal space.

[Usage]: Apply the mask to the appropriate size and gently apply it to the face according to the contour of the individual. Then pull the buckle to the back of the ear and press it with your fingers to make the mask fit well on the face. After 15-20 minutes, use a cotton pad or water to cleanse the face essence for any skin type.


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