Inkjet printer routine maintenance and speed tips

Inkjet printers, of course, also need to be maintained, and there are many techniques. Here are some of the best parts. If users pay attention to maintenance, they can make the printer more durable.

1. Speed ​​and quality
Do you want to beat the printer faster? Very simple, if it is usb interface, generally can guarantee the normal printing speed. If it is a parallel port, please set the "ecp" mode in the bios and print driver, I believe that can obviously feel the increase in print speed. For everyday informal presentations, the “draft mode” with acceptable quality can also significantly increase the speed of printing. At the same time, a friend who needs multiple tasks can open the "Spool" mode. The quality improvement is mainly in several aspects: three-color printers do not use color ink cartridges to print black text, ink consumption is slow, text darkness is not enough; text printing is best to use 80 grams of copy paper, so it is not easy to ink; pay attention to use well The paper can greatly improve the print quality. For example, in the print driver, we can see that the higher the print resolution is, the higher-grade print paper is required, and the glossy photo paper is superior to the inkjet paper over the plain paper.

2. Jam and prevent the ink head from drying up
Inkjet paper is also very easy to get stuck - especially for printers that use the frictional feed method. In addition to the paper that can't be too thin like a needle, we're here to discuss how to deal with paper jams. It's very simple and practical. The method is to immediately stop printing, put the adjustment lever to adjust the thickness of the paper in the maximum, and then gently pumping out, if it is very dry, it will easily damage the printer nozzle, we also need to learn lessons, do not fold or crack the surface Broken paper is printed on the inkjet printer.

3. Prevent the death of the ink head
Here is a very practical little experience to be provided to a wide range of readers: The printers in the northern region are particularly vulnerable to the use of quick-drying ink (without using them for two or three days) to cause plugging, and it is worth spending a little money. The key is how do you handle urgent work at hand? do? My method is to soak a clean piece of cotton cloth and put it on the print head before work. Because it will naturally evaporate water, the moisture in the nearby air will saturate, so the ink of the print head will not be so easy to dry, even if it does not move for a week. Will not plug.

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