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Anna Sui Hyun refers to the magic light stick

Dai Xueer's favorite

Bright magic wand at the fingertips

Like a boutique, the fascinating magic light sticks off my expectation and imagination of nail tools. It not only can easily repair nails, but also increases the pleasant feeling when used. One side of the rose print can be used to smooth the edges of the rough nails, while the other side can be used to trim the length of the nails. Use patterns to distinguish features, no matter how careless you are, you can't make a mistake.

VR device charging cart can do for different sizes of intelligent VR placement management and charge; It uses EVA soft material and provide close-fitting protection for the equipment; It can according to VR shape to do EVA lining, EVA color and VR dimension model all can be customized; Optional password locker, more secure for charging trolley; The charging carts is designed to keep safety structure in place, so that no matter how the cabinet is placed, it will not prevent the exhaust outlet from effectively avoiding the back of the charging cabinet against the environment (such as the wall). Charging trolley is using EVA as protection material. It can move any space and carry out when you do a traversal meeting, play games , teach etc. It also can put tablets and iPads in for charging. It can waterproof, stackable, go and down on stairs and go through the narrow sideway. This is not with any battery inside.

Charging trolley is like luggage cases shape. It also can charge for device.

And we can according to your VR shape to customized the shelf of shape. We can help to match with android cable for charging. 

Our Storage charging cart can charge and manage for different electronic devices. We can design the suitable storage charging cart according to the size and power parameters of your electronic equipment. Not only can you arrange and store lots of electronic equipment, but also can charge in the same time. Generally there are multiple charging interfaces: 10/20/30/40/52/60/65 units and so on, can be depended on the customer's need to customize and satisfy the different number of charging interfaces, like OEM, ODM. Universal charging solution can be used in any country. All of charging solution have multiple USB port and AC charging interface.

VR charging trolley this product is used for school education, library, hotel, office, factory, meeting room, family, shops, airports, data processing and government work scenario, these places are using a lot of tablets and laptops. Charging stations will work for their collective charge and management. Our products main sold to education place.

Smart VR Charging Carts,Smart VR Charging Station,Educational Equipment Carts

Security Charging Cart is equipped with LED light to display charging status, red light means charging, green light means full charging or not charging. And we have three point safety locker.

Two with brake casters can make charging cart not move when you put well it on a place.

Our charging cart is made of 1.2 mm cold steel sheet material. It is really strong and can understand certain weight. The good quality can be seen.

Our charging car have safety certification of UL, CE, ROHS,CCC, FCC and REACH, considering the safety and quality assurance. Design two side door to protect power area and curved edge surface to preventing user getting hurt and device. Can be fixed on the wall. Let customer use happy and at ease.  

Smart VR Charging Carts,Smart VR Charging Station,Educational Equipment Carts

Product certification is complete, safe and reliable, good quality. Looking forward to you cooperation!

VR Device Charging Cart

Smart VR Charging Carts,Smart VR Charging Station,Educational Equipment Carts

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