Serialized packaging is inevitable in product design in the commercial era

one. The inevitability of serialized packaging in the field of packaging industry, with the improvement of the level of technology, gradually highlights the individualization of highlights and innovation, promoted the modern design of packaging, the diversification of new machinery, new technologies and packaging styles became packaging design. Globalization and serialized product packaging designers can only make a scientific analysis of the marketing environment and consumer psychology by grasping the corporate and cultural connotations in the marketing process, such as the serialized design of products and services, and reflecting the characteristics of the enterprise. Determine the correct marketing strategy based on the market segmentation; it is possible to adapt to the growing trend of international market economic globalization, so that orderly packaging design, more conducive to developing the competitiveness of the international market.

1. The diversification of products has led to the diversification of product packaging, serialization in the modern production field, and the business community is committed to the development of new varieties. The new products have fast speed, short time, and high efficiency. At the same time, it has become inevitable that the packaging industry is dedicated to providing consumers with more convenient and more diversified serialized packaging designs. Take the food industry as an example, people are demanding more food for their consumption. With diversification and specialization, the food processing industry has already invested its expenses in the development of packaging lines that are more flexible and mobile. This fully shows that the serialized production of products and the serialization of packaging have played a powerful role in helping the company's effective and rapid development. The US pharmaceutical industry was the first to use anti-theft seals. In recent years, the diversification of drugs has accelerated the series of packaging for anti-theft seals. This kind of safe packaging that ensures product quality has been widely used in food processing industry, dairy products, beverages and other packaging, and has been promoted to all parts of the world.

2. Personality, specialization, and specialization The continuous promotion of the spirit of serialized packaging companies is innovation. Techpack is a representative enterprise. The company set up an innovation center near Paris dedicated to the development of new concepts and new product prototypes. Slim make-up box is one example, it can be 180. All-round open, transparent and concise, the products inside are clear at a glance. The manufacturer also chose to display the four letters of the product name, the Sexy, in a transparent makeup box. Each letter contains different colors of lip gloss. This not only reduces packaging costs, saves energy, but also coincides with the advocacy of green design. .

3. The combination of advanced packaging technology development and design and human nature has prompted serialized packaging design to become inevitable. Italian manufacturer GlobalTube has introduced a brand-new hose concept that meets consumers' requirements for portability and convenience. CombiCap hose caps are suitable for sunscreen or liquid foundation products, in addition to a second cap for sealing other products, such as lipstick or concealing cosmetics. This will allow companies to minimize the packaging design process, cost, and design costs of the product. It is more conducive to environmental protection, reduces packaging waste, reduces shipping costs, shortens production time through specially designed components and systems, and enables suppliers and manufacturers to provide a variety of packaging operations with minimal use of materials, thereby facilitating serialization. The overall price of the commodity is lower than the total price of the individual purchased, and it has become a new idea for many companies and businesses to calm down.

II. Systematic Packaging Brand Strategy Demand Serialized packaging design, innovation is yours. Only new ideas, new styles, and new ways of expression can attract public attention. Only in this way can there be extraordinary psychological persuasion and deepening of packaging and decoration. The scope and impact of visual communication, combined with the good quality of products, and the creation of brand-name products, can bring unlimited economic value to the company. The success of many brand names in the United States is largely due to its emphasis on product and marketing and packaging design, especially in the modern product marketing process, the implementation of family-oriented companies, serialized packaging, and CIS strategies for corporate and product brands. The establishment of a foundation for far-reaching reputation has created the status of the world's largest brand-name power in the world.

(I) Implement brand strategy

Serialized product and packaging design are the starting point and starting point for guiding enterprises to implement brand strategy. Enterprises must implement scientific and correct methods to implement brand-name strategies. Brand strategy precisely provides a systematic guidance from the birth of the brand to its growth and growth. Determine a proper market segmentation position for a particular brand, so that the product will occupy a favorable space in the customer's mind. When a certain need arises, people will think of a certain brand first, and at the same time, choose a brand to facilitate growth and development. Space. The serialization of products conveys information through packaging and should be the basis and basis of brand communication.

l. The brand design and release should carry out a series of packaging designs for the brand in accordance with the actual brand image, and be released to the outside world through specific channels. It is a tool, method and approach to shape the brand image. Broadly speaking, brand design and publishing not only include the CIS strategy for image and logo design, but also the information publishing system projects involving products, services, prices, and other contents and packaging design.

2. Brand promotion and communication To achieve brand promotion and dissemination, packaging design and brand strategy are of utmost importance. Brands that have already been packaged and published have been widely publicized to the market and consumers by using various media and channels. Focus on brand communication management. Through the packaging design, series of advertising, news, public relations, promotions and other means to promote the brand, so that every penny spread costs can produce the best transmission efficiency.

3, brand management and consolidation This is the core content of the brand strategy. Reflecting the internal organization structure with brand as the core goal, formulating corresponding brand awareness and brand culture, and affecting external customers through the corporate culture connotation; external multi-dimensional and three-dimensional communication with customers, through product packaging, packaging The series of design, service advertising, etc. to strengthen the customer's memory of the brand, understanding, recognition and loyalty. Consolidation of the brand has many benefits, such as lifting consumer distrust of new products and increasing brand value.

(II) Implement brand extension

With reference to international successful experience, the brand's continuous growth cannot be separated from reasonable extension and radiation. It is necessary to use a successful brand to expand the company's product portfolio or extend the company's product line, using existing well-known brands to launch new products.

1, a brand of multi-products by the company's a variety of products are using the same brand, the implementation of "a brand of multi-products" strategy brand extension, not only allows companies to quickly open the market at a lower cost, but also conducive to the establishment of an integrated brand of the industry image of. The strategy of Yipinduo is through the use of two or more brands of similar products by enterprises. Its strategic goal is to spread the intrinsic properties of enterprises through multiple, multi-polar and multi-channel approaches. This will not only help meet the diversified needs of consumers, but also help the market segmentation of companies and maintain a high market share.

2. Multi-brand strategy Through the company has multiple brands and generally different brands correspond to different types of products. Multi-brands can help to disperse market risks to the greatest extent possible, and can also establish market segments to avoid the negative influence of different products. For example, Procter & Gamble products are varied, and different types of products generally correspond to different brands, such as washing powder with Tide, etc., shampoo with Rejoice, Head & Shoulders, etc., toothpaste with Crest, Colgate, cosmetics with Olay and so on.

3, sub-brand strategy can be owned by a company in the main brand, while in the same market also has several other sub-brands, their relative core brand's market share is small. In this strategy, the brand's main and secondary needs to be clearly identified. The sub-brand should take the initiative to protect the leading position of the main brand, and at the same time, it must assume the task of integrating and adjusting the company's brand, and thus expand market share. Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Heaven and Earth, Quaker) and others are the ones who implement this strategy.
4. Sub-Brand Strategy Group Economics Research 2oo6·1o later (late 21st) Corporate products use the same total brand at the same time, according to different market segments, different definitions of consumer groups, product personality characteristics, and The value of the product features different sub-brands. Especially for brands with high reputation and good reputation, using sub-brands can help highlight differences and individuality between different products, and can play a multiplier role. Such as the Haier Group's Big Prince, Snow Prince, Ice Prince, Prince, Prince, Prince, Little Prince series refrigerators. From the packaging of products and the display of corporate image, the packaging design of serialized products will be fully reflected.

5. The new brand has a concept of China's national conditions, mainly including short business hours, many product innovations, strong propaganda, wide market coverage, strong sense of competition, management team, new business model, high corporate reputation, rapid growth, and development. Good prospects and other features. Business pass, cover, cover, Annunciation, Card, Luneng, Hainan Airlines are all classic examples of new brands.

6, the business brand, also known as the vendor brand, is a brand management method that is created by the seller and that the vendor bears its responsibilities and interests. This approach allows companies to achieve rapid expansion while maintaining a high degree of business flexibility. For example, the famous "Nike" brand, its series of sports products is produced by a cooperative company under Nike's perfect quality monitoring system, and is marked with the trademark "Nike", which enables Nike to lower the cost , to expand rapidly around the world. In addition, there are dual brands, such as high-end products and low-end products, male brands and female brands, etc., to make a clear division in the brand for target customers.

Three. Series of packaging design thinking innovation

From the advertising point of view, creativity is in the planning of advertising

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