Home Textile Product Packing: Jin Yuqi, Good Products Among (below)

Hereby, the packaging is made of non-toxic transparent PPP material, sealed in the form of snaps, beautiful and stylish to carry. The graphic design will simplify the abstraction of the chrysanthemum graphic and make it more contemporary, allowing consumers to see at a glance.

Kit product gift box

Features: This series of packaging uses a wooden structure, strong and beautiful. The unique open box method not only facilitates the protection of the product, but also takes into account the display of the product, which is convenient for consumers to purchase.

Down quilt

Features: Pink, dark blue as the brand's two standard colors, throughout the design. The combination of the two deepened the memory of consumers' brand image. The unique graphic design also adds color to this package. The lifelike swans are arranged in this brand's English alphabet. Highlight the nature of the product.

Four-hole three-dimensional curl is packaged with kits

Features: These two packages are innovative in appearance and material. The barrel-shaped packaging is easy to carry, novel and fashionable, and it is different from similar products in the aspect of the exterior design. It has also attracted the attention of most consumers. In the era of economic power, this is important. The former uses a combination of denim and PVC materials in the material, effectively complementing the advantages and disadvantages of the two materials and achieving good results.

Product gift box series

Features: This series of packaging cleverly uses a variety of printing methods (stencil, hot silver, laminating), so that the package conveys a warm and romantic feeling. The brand's content is revealed through the packaging. At the same time, packaging also enables consumers to generate trust and reputation with the brand.

Children's series packaging

Features: Lively design elements, bright colors, playful and cute fonts, the entire picture is full of childlike interest, and the transformation of small symbols and color bars is harmonious and natural. This design starts from the audience of the product and highlights the children's lively and naive features.

All in all, home textile packaging design always pays attention to the consumer and consumption process, and effectively organizes and presents its own design concepts based on the analysis of the company's and company's products, so that it can be clearly communicated between the target market and the target audience. Because only the market is the fundamental test of the design.

Source: China Textile Economic Information Network

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