Color and proofing (2)


The SWOP/NAPIM standard reference proofing ink should meet the ISO 2846-1 standard, and should have a certain rheological property in the actual proofing process (including the total dot enlargement and color balance introduced in the parameter standard). Ink suppliers must understand these requirements and meet the above requirements in order to provide SWOP proofing and production applications

Consistency confirmation

Samples of SWOP/NAPIM standard reference proofing inks can be obtained from the GATF and bottled at £1. If you need to order, please indicate as follows:

"SWOP/NAPIM standard reference proofing ink"

In addition, if you want to check the supplier's product, or the supplier does not comply with these parameter standards, you or they can send wet inks for analysis: SWOP/NAPIM proofing ink verification plan, handed over by GATF at 4615 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213). The service is also charged.

Ink color printed on standard paper

As described in the SWOP parameter standard section, the printed ink color can be measured using a colorimeter or densitometer and the SWOP color reference is the standard color. These references are controlled within tight tolerances. The colorimeter must record the measured value of the center point.

Secondary ink (non-primary ink)

Standard secondary inks in two-color printing include:

Yellow (SWOP primary yellow)

Blue (SWOP primary color cyan)

Red (SWOP secondary red*)

Green (SWOP secondary green*)

The red and green colors of the * mark are equivalent to the color/yellow and cyan/yellow solid overprint colors, respectively.

Samples of these colors are contained in the SWOP Single Level Color Reference.

SWOP secondary red and green wet ink references are included in GATF's special order requirements and are not inventory items. You need to select the red 25514 and green 25507 for the SWOP secondary color reference.

The above describes only the standard secondary colors, and the printing process may choose to superimpose these colors with the printing primaries to ensure that the two-color advertisements are included in the four-color printing.

Match color ink

Individual publishers can be contacted to see if there are other secondary colors. For metallic luster and fluorescent inks, submit a color standard to the publisher for approval before preparing for final print production. Avoid fine lines and small inverted words. When overprinting metallic inks, areas with a thickness greater than 1/32′′ should avoid the use of metallic colors to prevent overprinting of conventional inks on metallic ink surfaces.

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