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Patent Name A lamp box packaging patent applicant Wu Zhongde Principal Applicant Address 201800 No. 14, Lane 850, Tacheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai 201 Inventor Wu Zhongde Application (Patent) No. 200420110220.1 Date of Application 2004.11.24 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2755041 Auditing announcement date 2006.02.01 Manual CD-ROM D0605-1 Main classification number B65D85/42 (2006.01) I Classification number B65D85/42 (2006.01) I Division Original application number Priority item Abstract A bulb packaging box, the packaging box The size of the lamp is matched with the size of the bulb it contains, and it is characterized in that it includes a box body with a transparent upper and lower sides, a square section and a height equal to the height of the bulb, rolled at the two corners of the end of the box body. Two to form a fixed ring within the box symmetrical cross, and: The box's upper and lower cover with a semi-sealed slope lock type. The utility model fixes the lamp holder in the box through the crossing of two paper rings, avoiding the phenomenon that bulbs, especially light bulbs with small lamp holders, tend to sway or move in the box, and the upper and lower lids of the packing box adopt a semi-sealing type, which makes the bulb roof , exposed at the end, in the sales do not have to remove the bulb from the box and try the light directly, easy to labor cost savings. In addition, the amount of raw materials used in the packaging box of the utility model is saved by 30% to 40% compared with the amount of raw materials used in the existing packaging box, and the cost of box making is reduced.

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