The speed of miracles - a new labeling machine with a maximum speed of 700/min

B&H Labeling Systems, based in California, introduced its new Marathon U-Series labeler. The Marathon U-Series labeler features a 180° U-shaped conveyor and a servo-driven feed screw to maximize the stability and labeling speed of the container during labeling.

The new Marathon XLU is the fastest labeler in the B&H family and can handle a wide range of containers from 8 oz to 3 liters, with a maximum speed of 700 containers/min.

The Marathon U series of labelers have SMARTdrive (the program for disk cache in the Microsoft operating system) drive, which is the industry's first fully automatic drive mechanism. Five independent servo motors, advanced digital multi-axis timing control, these make the Marathon U series labeler eliminate complex mechanical connections, such as gears, belts and chains. Compared to those complex rotary labelers that are often used to achieve high speed production, Marathon significantly simplifies operation, maintenance and conversion by using digital automation with fewer moving parts. In this way, the reliability and operation of the production line have been improved, while productivity has been maximally optimized and costs have been reduced.

The Marathon labeler offers the highest positional accuracy and consistent performance over the life of the machine. The U-shaped conveyor on the Marathon U-labeller increases the product's residence time on the star wheel, resulting in higher container stability. B&H is able to guarantee that all its Marathon roll labelers have a defect rate of less than 0.05%.

The Marathon labeller based on the all-electronic servo drive design eliminates time-consuming mechanical adjustments and achieves the fastest turnaround in the industry. Marathon builds on a new industry standard, reducing the time it takes to switch from one full production speed to another to within 15 minutes.

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