Technical Indicators on the Bonding Strength of PN-IBT …

  PN-IBT paper and cardboard bonding strength tester   Internal Bond Tester                     l        Product introduction PN-IBT paper and paperboard binding strength tester is mainly used for the inter-layer sheet ----more

Tray making flyer illustration

Beautiful frisbee Handmade materials: two paper plates , colored pens, scissors, tape Draw your favorite pattern Scissors cut the middle part Wrap the surface of the paper tray with clear plastic Paste the two plates together You can go outdoors with a beautiful Fris ----more

Where is the transformation of printing enterprises?

[ppzhan] The transformation and upgrading of the printing industry is a matter of great concern to the industry. Everyone has said that the company will eventually transform into a digital and green one. This is the general direction of transformation. As for the specific implementation of each ente ----more

Five tips for autumn furniture maintenance

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Different seasons furniture should also have different corresponding maintenance methods. How should we maintain the furniture in our home in the fall? Xiaobian provides you with five tips for furniture maintenance. Let's take a look: Avoid direct sunligh ----more

The appearance quality and common defects of webs

The appearance quality of a roll of paper is the quality of the roll. The finished product of the web is a web wound by a reel-winder with a longitudinal slitter having a predetermined width, and rolled with a certain tension into a roll of paper having a suitable tightness and diameter. The web ----more

Design points inside the cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of people's living standards, people's understanding of the decoration, the overall cloakroom has become an indispensable part of the family decoration, then what are the main points of the interior design of the cloakroom? Le ----more

Wine bottle entering the field of investment collection…

Wine bottle collection has gradually developed into a spontaneous hobby in recent years. We have found that there are many individuals who are interested in collecting wine bottles throughout the country, and some people can even hold a solo exhibition of the collection of wine bottles. In the mid ----more