How to change the national conditions of China's sh…

According to the "State of the World's Forests 2005" report released by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the per capita forest area in the world is 0.6 hm2, while China is only 0.1 hm2. The small forest area is China's national conditions. "Peop ----more

Bed placement affects home health

According to experts from the China Interior Decoration Association, the impact of sleep is also related to the placement of the bed. From a scientific point of view, the bed is not suitable for placement: the bed should not be placed under the window, mainly because the bed is ----more

The new Dupont Packaging Award began to call for green …

DuPont claims that considering the importance of sustainable development in the packaging industry, DuPont will hold its DuPont Innovation Packaging Award for many years and independent review, and continues to focus on innovation to provide more sustainable packaging solutions. A few days ago, ----more

Talking about steel drum high pressure water treatment

Talking about steel drum high pressure water treatment Text / Yang Wenliang Commonly used materials for manufacturing steel drums are cold-rolled steel sheets, hot-rolled steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets, and tin-plated steel sheets, while steel drums with large capacity are mainly cold-rol ----more

Glass bottle market is expected to warm up

PC bottles also reported cancer risk! Commonly referred to as space glass PC bottles, cheap and lightweight, but low heat resistance, according to foreign studies pointed out that under high temperature cooking, may release Bisphenol A (Bisphenol A), repeated use may disrupt the human endocrine sys ----more

Colombia EL8474, TL6692 evaluation report read full art…

A product description: Brand: Columbia Colombia Name: EL8474365 TL6692684 Top style: American top fabric: 94% polyester 6% stretch Omini-Dry Mini Matnix knitted jacket Features: Four-sided stretch wick material Quick-drying breathable Multi-function bag Fashion appearance Pants style: European ----more

Glass bottle manufacturers: In the face of these events…

In recent years, the incidents of “bottle wounding beer” and “glass bottle hurting people” have been seen in newspapers. This makes the market for glass bottles competitively squeezed by plastic bottles more difficult. As the authoritative media of the bottle industry, Zhon ----more