Summer "hydrophilic" beauty makeup

On a hot summer day, everything is heating up as the climate changes. For the beautiful people, how can you let go of this season of glamorous value? In addition to the thin fashion shows a graceful figure; colorful nail polish jumps between the hands and feet, you must make a cool "hydrophili ----more

Dior gelatin skin-friendly powder cake to create a glut…

Dior's gelatin skin-friendly powder cake draws Dior Dior color and cutting-edge expert technology formula. It is the first to add active mineral water to the base makeup series, activate the magical benefits of the natural minerals contained, and transform it into a skin energy cocktail, which ----more

The nose is big and the transformation is perfect for y…

In order to have a beautiful and beautiful nose , the beautiful women will not hesitate to go to the beauty salon to open the nose. In fact, you can easily create a perfect nose without enduring the pain of the knife. Here are some makeup tips to make your nose perfect. Very incomparable. Small no ----more

Skin problems stem from aging keratin

There are many skin problems in summer, from large pores to dark yellow, from dirt deposits to greasy and rough, in fact, many are caused by keratin problems. As you age, your skin's metabolism slows down and accumulates on your skin, affecting your skin's normal breathing. The long-suppre ----more

How to create a romantic soft party makeup

Many girls want to love God Cupid suddenly on their own, then, how to build yourself and become the focus of everyone, the natural feminine party makeup immediately makes you become a favorite to attract everyone's attention! Wedding party makeup: Wedding is a good time for single women to fin ----more

How to prevent makeup from becoming more and more ugly

We often see such MMs around us. It’s still pretty and pretty, but after looking at makeup, it’s weird to look at it. I always feel that there is a problem on my face. In fact, the reason for this is because They all made small mistakes in make-up. Here are the tips for you. How can y ----more

This summer's most age-reducing beauty is sweet and…

Color mascara creates sweet eye makeup, pink lips are super Q bombs, colorful summers, pink flowers and green leaves, blue sky white clouds, all of them are pure and colorful colors, how can your makeup be monotonous and heavy ? Try adding colorful colors to your makeup. Today, you will look very d ----more