Human Elastase ELISA Kit

This kit can only be used for scientific research, and should not be used for medical diagnosis. Elastase ELISA kit. Test kit The double-antibody one-step sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is used. The coated microcapsules were pre-coated with human elastase-trapping antibodies, and ----more

Kyushu Space teaches you how to see through the electro…

The quality supervisors taught the public on the spot to see the tricks of the bad traders. Trick Stealing the program There are two types of electronic scales commonly used by vendors on the market today: weight scales and price scales. The most commonly used is the price scale, which has thre ----more

Super practical mascara use

Long eyelashes are definitely the secret weapon to impress boys, and suddenly flashing is cute and sexy. So today, Xiaobian will teach you how to use super practical mascara and know how to make makeup to make your makeup look better! 1. Bend your mascara stick for more convenient use Bend your m ----more

How to judge whether the plastic runway is poisonous?

Recently, I did not know exactly what happened. The toxic news about the plastic runway was repeatedly exposed. From CCTV to the local media, it seems that all kinds of school runways overnight, the stadium is poisonous and has a pungent smell. No matter whether the track is running or the ----more

What material is good for the background wall

What material is good for the background wall? TVs are indispensable appliances for every family. TVs can relax us, let us know a lot of things, and let us watch some variety shows. Then the TV background wall is the core location of the living room and must be well decorated. Because the l ----more

What brand of sink is better?

What about the Wilden sink? For the sink, we must be familiar with the product of the Wilden sink, and the outside world has praised it. With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of the appearance of decoration, more and more people began to pay attention to and assemble ----more

High-end bionics robot development 3D printing is anoth…

It is estimated that many people will feel disgusting, but for robotics, they are actually a very interesting research object. As we all know, athletic ability is an extremely important aspect of robot technology development. Nowadays, scientists are turning their attention to the an ----more