Bulb package box

Patent Name A lamp box packaging patent applicant Wu Zhongde Principal Applicant Address 201800 No. 14, Lane 850, Tacheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai 201 Inventor Wu Zhongde Application (Patent) No. 200420110220.1 Date of Application 2004.11.24 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2755041 A ----more

Cultural Affinity of Packaging Design (2)

3 Approaches to Affinity of Packaging Design Culture 3.1 Texture Affinity of Packaging Materials Packaging materials are the collection and application of the comprehensive development of science and technology in related disciplines (such as chemistry, materials science, biology, etc.). The aff ----more

The speed of miracles - a new labeling machine with a m…

B&H Labeling Systems, based in California, introduced its new Marathon U-Series labeler. The Marathon U-Series labeler features a 180° U-shaped conveyor and a servo-driven feed screw to maximize the stability and labeling speed of the container during labeling. The new Marathon XLU is the ----more

The Problem of Selection of Printed Materials in Packag…

In the packaging prints, it can be said that the ink has a great influence on the environment. In addition to the trace elements of toxic elements such as lead, chromium, and chlorine in the ink, the ink is the most volatile organic solvent (xylene, toluene, ether, etc.). ) When used in food packa ----more

Japan developed into a synthetic resin transparent cans…

A chemical company in Japan made a new type of transparent cans made of synthetic resin. It is composed of three layers of polypropylene and can be completely sealed. It can be used to package fish, meat, fruits and other foods like metal cans. It can be stored for more than six months under room ----more

Some questions about printed materials (3)

What is a single-sided offset paper? The difference between single-sided offset and offset paper is that single-sided offset paper is only suitable for single-side printing. Single-sided offset paper is classified into A, B, and C grades. A-level for printing high-end color posters, cigarette bo ----more

The Simplicity Design of Modern Commodity Packaging and…

Abstract : Through the discussion of the elements of the simple design and the packaging and decorating layout of the merchandise, it is proposed that the simple design of modern merchandise packaging and decorating layout will surely go towards the development trend of individualization, localiza ----more