Prevention and Rescue of Mountain Difficulties

The prevention and treatment of mountain distress is a very important research topic in the world of mountaineering. In the world, Dundee and Asia, Dundee, have invested a lot of energy in related fields. In particular, the mountaineering organizations in developed countries such as the United Sta ----more

Stretching therapy

Nikos ApostolopouIos is a recovery specialist who uses therapeutic stretching and is director of the Serapis Stretch Therapy Clinic in Vancouver, Canada. This is the only such place in the world and is the precursor of stretching therapy. Many athletes or individuals with bone musculoskeletal probl ----more

Variable data printing once printed

The variable data printing market is gradually changing. As originally envisioned, variable data printing essentially means getting information printed from a database. Depending on the nature of the properties file, the pages of each property file in the database will have slightly different styl ----more

Printing ink (on)

Confused background: For my mind, there is a mystery that I can't unravel, and once, in the UV printing process using light gold paper and white ink, occasionally there is a bit of ink at the bite. When the power of the UV lamp was adjusted from 60% to 80%, the phenomenon of pulling ink was ag ----more

Coperion Corporation Launches High Yield PVC Kneader

Coperion Corporation of the United States has implemented a major innovation in equipment after Buss Co. (one of the parent companies of Coperion) launched the PVC kneader for 20 years. The new product, Quantec, will be listed for the first time in the United States. It is said that the Qunatec pr ----more

How to match corrugated paper and cardboard?

In order to make the corrugated board not only meet the quality requirements of the use, but also the cost is reasonable, the corrugated base paper and cardboard must be properly selected. The matching of the two is mainly considered in terms of quality matching and quantitative matching. (1) Qua ----more