Four wedding tips for wedding furniture

With the advent of the wedding peak, the furniture market is also booming. When buying a newly-married furniture, many young couples often only rely on the momentary love, and they will not consider the coordination with other furniture and the overall home decoration style, so they can buy a lot o ----more

How to choose a quality sofa

A wide variety of sofas to buy the market, all kinds of situations make consumers feel confused, do not know how to choose a suitable quality sofa. I know that choosing a sofa can't just look at the fabric and elasticity. The skeleton, filler, detail design and after-sales service of the sofa a ----more

[price]Recommended】Highrock Tianshi Gladan East cotto…

Product parameters: Comfort temperature: -12°C--20°C Extreme temperature: +3°C--25°C Section number: TR23472M/L Inner size: 195X78CM(M) 205X83CM(L) Filler: Top sheet 85/15 down FP650,680G; Next sheet SHINIH four holes, 300G/M2(M) On the film 85/15 down FP650, 720G; The following ----more

10 minutes to create the perfect clear makeup

This hot weather doesn't want to make a lot of makeup every day, but I hope that the whole face looks perfect without dead ends. It's not impossible. As long as you create a perfect makeup for yourself, your looks and contours are just as beautiful. And in the rush of time every morning, ----more

Top solid ash wood Congo pomelo L-shaped cloakroom eval…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] With the growth of custom home demand, the solid wood cloakroom has become more and more sought after. The top solid ash wood Congo pomelo L-shaped cloakroom, the fresh and elegant appearance has a simple style of fashion, very ----more

Shouldn't I buy a family wine cabinet?

With the improvement of people's living standards, many families have the habit of storing wine at home to facilitate the daily tasting and the needs of banquets at home. However, wine is alive, and at the moment of bottling, the process of ripening begins. Careful protection ----more

Operating precautions for constant temperature and humi…

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber Equipment for testing the performance of materials in various environments and testing various materials for heat, cold, dry and moisture resistance. Suitable for the quality of electronic, electrical, communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plast ----more