The color of the aging test box of the xenon lamp

Article source: high and low temperature test chamber The great things in the world must be done in fine, small things to achieve great things, and the details are perfect. The details are closely related to our lives, not only in life, but also in work. In our instrumentation industry, it is esp ----more

How does eyeliner paint the eyeliner better?

A perfect make-up, the eyeliner plays a decisive role. In fact, compared to eyeliner and eyeliner, eyeliner is easier to color and master, so using eyeliner to draw eyeliner is the best choice. So how do eyeliner paint eyeliner? Let me take a look at the eyeliner painting method and teach you how t ----more

HE agar culture plate

[HE agar culture plate] Guangrui Bio provides microbial dry powder, finished medium, animal and plant culture medium, cell culture medium, food safety rapid detection reagent and various supporting raw materials, etc. Welcome to inquire and order! The products sold by Guangrui Bio are all 100% manuf ----more

Japanese-style cloakroom design, full analysis of Japan…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Zhonghua Wardrobe ] The space of the small apartment is cramped, and the design of the Japanese-style cloakroom pays attention to space utilization, which greatly expands the space. At the same time, the design of the Japanese-style cloakroom is also a co ----more

MUC5AC/Mucin5AC antibody, gastric mucin antibody

[MUC5AC/Mucin5AC antibody, gastric mucin antibody] Guangrui Bio is adhering to the quality and forging ahead, satisfying the requirements of each teacher's experiment, factory supply, quality assurance, price concessions, welcome to inquire! 1. Packing: 0.1ml/0.2ml2. Concentration: generally 200 ----more

National Grain Quality Monitoring Station Instrument an…

National Grain Quality Monitoring Station Instrument and Equipment Configuration Directory Serial number Proposed equipment Use 1 Gas Chromatograph Detection and confirmation of trace pesticide residues in food and solvent residues in oil 2 Liquid chromatography Detection and confirmation ----more

Jiangsu Tongjun tells you the principle of ceramic fibe…

Ceramic fiber resistance furnace has completely changed the shortcomings of domestic resistance furnace, easy damage of electric furnace wire, slow heating rate, etc. Its performance has reached the level of imported similar products. The ceramic fiber resistance furnace body produced by Jiangsu ----more