Home "Autumn Fair" opened on September 6th

Furniture wholesale purchase order will bring benefits to consumers at an affordable price. Shenzhen Evening News, the well-received home "Autumn Fair" - the 2014 Autumn International Furniture Wholesale Purchasing and Ordering Fair will kick off on September 6th in Shenzhen Futian Xiang ----more

Top ten toilet brands trusted by consumers

The toilet is an indispensable sanitary ware in our daily life, so in the face of the assortment of sanitary ware brands in the building materials market, which brand of toilet is good? The editor of this issue integrates the top ten brands of toilets most trusted by consumers, and hopes to ----more

What brand of water heater is good?

The lifespan of things mainly determines who is using it. If you cherish a little, you can use it for a few more days. The longer you use it, the more you will save money. Today I will share with you a scientific and reasonable method of using water storage electric water heaters You bring ----more

Fish anti-liver kidney microsomal antibody (LKM) ELISA …

Fish anti-liver kidney microsomal antibody (LKM) ELISA kit detection principle kit using double antibody one-step sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). To the coated microwells in which the fish anti-liver kidney microsomal antibody (LKM) was pre-coated, the specimen, the standard, and ----more

Nitrogen blowing machine background and application fie…

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument specializes in the production of nitrogen blowing instrument carbon dioxide incubator solid phase extraction device cryogenic thermostat and other laboratory equipment The Turboap Sample Concentrator is also known as: nitrogen concentrator, nitrogen purifier, nitr ----more

How about the quality of the cherry hood

How about Sakura Kitchen and Bathroom? Is it good? Is the quality good? How about Sakura Range Hood? Let's take a look at the information compiled by the editor. Sakura range hood is a brand of Sakura Kitchen (China) Co., Ltd., was born in Taiwan in 1978, and entered mainland China in ----more

The role of high and low temperature alternating heat a…

The high and low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber is suitable for products that may be used in warm and humid environments, humidity test, constant damp heat, alternating damp heat, and is a kind of reliability test. The purpose of the high and low temperature alternating he ----more