Prepress process of compound and transfer connection gr…

The phrase "water is rising and ships are high" should be appropriate to the technical people in the printing industry. A good horse with a good saddle, advanced equipment and advanced process technology can achieve the desired effect, save time, labor, and cost, and produce a more repre ----more

The wardrobe is placed with five common senses.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Everyone's home is indispensable is the wardrobe , the role of the wardrobe is mainly used to store clothes, after we buy the wardrobe, we must generally consider how to put the wardrobe, the correct position of the wardrobe It can save a lot of your home ----more

Write a new definition of outdoor sports shoes Lafuma l…

When technology is natural, a brand new revolution in outdoor sports shoes opens! Recently, Lafuma, a world-renowned outdoor manufacturer, has announced the launch of FX Intelligent Module Technology Shoes. Through the rational combination of different scientific and technological modules and inte ----more

Tiles and waistline use with attention

The combination of tiles and waistline not only dispels the monotony and dullness of the wall, but also enriches the interior elements, and also enhances the taste of the homeowner, highlighting its personality and life. Several things to pay attention to when matching tiles and waistline: Lo ----more

PCR technology: PCR pollution and countermeasures

The biggest feature of the PCR reaction is its large amplification capacity and extremely high sensitivity, but the headache is that it is easily contaminated, and extremely small amounts of contamination can cause false positives. 1. Reasons for pollution (1) Cross-contamination between specime ----more

Briefly analyze the fault analysis of low temperature a…

Failure analysis of Shanghai Bilang low temperature constant temperature water tank. The common faults of low temperature thermostats are usually the following six types: Fault 1. The high pressure is too high during the operation of the cryostat: High pressure during operation is usually due t ----more

The end of the tube of the Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer w…

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. develops the Kazakhstan nitrogen analyzer of the Haozhuang (LNB) brand, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable. The company has first-class technical staff and a good ----more