The characteristics, composition and preparation of env…

Now, with the enhancement of environmental awareness, people are not only concerned with the quality of printed products, environmental characteristics are also an important factor in measuring print. For screen printing, there are many environmental factors that need attention, and ink is arguabl ----more

Open-air mountain peaks in Tibet (44 seats)

Name Altitude elevation (m) Location (prefecture) Mount Everest 8489.13 Tingzha Lhotse 8516.00 Fixing Day Mount Makalu 8463.00 Tingshi Xishabangma 8027.00 Nyala Choudouyou Peak 8201.00 Dingge Zhong Kangfeng 7952.00 Toasting Mora Gate Qingfeng 7703.03 Nylamena The peak of Muni 4692.00 Pulan Zhan ----more

Thoughts on Jinhua IC City "One Card"

Jinhua City is located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, which is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of the province. “The water passes through the South China Three Thousand Miles, the pressure is fourteen states of Jiangcheng”, and the famous poet Li Qingzhao vividl ----more

Nano Ink and Its Application Technology (I)

Foreword Nanotechnology is a far-reaching high technology in this century. Its appearance has spawned a large number of new disciplines. Such as nano-physics, nanochemistry, nanobiology, nanomaterials, and so on. The research object of nanotechnology is a 1-100nm-scale material or structure, inc ----more

Outer coating improves PET bottle barrier

Plasmatreat, a German company, has improved plasma barrier performance in the plasma coating process and has achieved satisfactory results. It is understood that an open plasma flame plasma system developed by Plasmatreat was used to uniformly coat high-barrier polymer coating layers on the outer ----more

Looking for opportunities in packaging

Canned beer, bottled mineral water, plastic bottled lubricants, these now commonplace products do not seem to have anything in common with consumers, but from the perspective of product development, these products are based on consumer demand. The new forms of packaging will open up new markets, e ----more

J&L professional folding glue machine

The J&L Professional Folding Adhesive Machine developed by Alliance Machine Systems International (LLC) is a unique and innovative machine specially designed for processing flexible paper packaging products. It is mainly used for the production of high-grade carton packaging. The practical app ----more